#61 Morning America

Hello readers, I'm here again this time featuring to Isabela, we are together in Brooklyn, both outfits are made by me, a very sexy mix of textures and colors. We are using new hairs from Tress Up - Fashionista line.

Morning America!!

Leather, and gold; Blue Fur, Red top, White Shorts.

Bizou Classic White Sweater
Callie's Picks Ashley Bag * ;Hilary High Heels *; Studded Plaid Shirt *
Chanel Holiday Skirt * as Vest.
It Girls Crisp White Shorts *
Limited Edition Traveller Necklace *
Nelly.com Glam Evening Fur Jacket
Bazaar: '*'
Antidote Mini Purse *
Beastly Sun Sunglasses
Chanel Chunky Chanel Necklace *
Limited Edition Circle Sash Belt * ; Cut Out Ankleboots *
Mr. Black Turtleneck Sweater
Rio Alexa Gold Sequin Skirt ;Sequin Skirt *
Young Hollywood Kim Draped Moto Jacket *

My picks:
Long Sleek Straight Hair
Surfers Hair
Cute Braids Hair
Twist And Knots Hair

Do you like these outfits? What do you think about them?
What do you think about Tress Up - Fashionista line?

Share your opinion with us in the comments!
Until next post, L.

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