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Hey readers, I'm here again (Yes, I know always is the same, but I hope this time will be different), I'll share with all of you this new section where I'll post all my new items and sometimes different ways to wear my new items to get a really nice outfit. Also I'll share some items for SALE/Trade because every fashion person need new stuff everyday.

By the way I'm so excited because I'm superstar for a year, so I can be quite for a while, (Thank you Eva). I lost the new release from LE, I like that collection but sadly I only can get like 2 items (LOL).

Tingeling Halloween Couture Faux Croc Clutch
Limited Edition Zip Platform Ankle Boots * ❤ ; Dyed Camo Jacket, Embroidered Wool Coat, Reptile Token Necklace & Suede Peasant Blouse*
Nelly Fake Fur Grey Keyring & Off Shoulder Rib Top

Bazaar: '*'

How I rock them!
 I did three outfits with some pieces, first one is my favorite, That coat is everything I saw Elena and Stev's outfits and I bought it immediately because I'm so jealous.

Photo By Stev.
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Pd: Sorry if I have some grammatical errors my english is regular, so you can correct me and I'll edit it, thank you.

Until next post x Luis

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