#3 WRD - Pink, Leather & Gray

My new stuff is here, I bought new items from new releases in Stardoll (Mawi, Hotbuys and Callie's Picks) other items are older but I have bought them when I saw some people wearing it.. .Hotbuys and hunting in bazaar for cheap and pretty items.

Antidote Chain Belt Dress * ($43 SD)
ELLE Modern Blazer (By Callie's Picks $14 SD)
Evil Panda Hotbuys Tartan Jumpsuit ($16 SD)
It Girls HotBuys Summer Playsuit * ($10 SD)
Limited Edition Chainlink Studded Purse * ($600 SD)
Mawi Thief Black Handbag ($20 SD)
Velvet Orchid Black Rebel Denim ($14 SD)
Young Hollywood Rihanna Met Heels * ($37)

Bazaar: '*'

I was looking around in Stardoll and I found some members wearing my picks.

Andrea (Andre1396) wearing Black Rebel Denim, I really like how she mixed ripped jeans and that Saint Laurent Coat, with neutral tones.. Grey & nude.

Miloshki wearing Thief Black Handbag from Mawi, rocking that leather bag with a minimal outfit with a mix of textures.

Ege (Violessa) wearing 3.1 Phillip Lim Jumpsuit with a mesh beanie, black top & some fashion accesories.. Fendi fur keyring and Chanel earrings... 

Thank you guys for share fashion with us.

What's your favorite outfit? Have you bought some of this picks? 
Style your doll and share your style with us, maybe you can be the next featured doll.
Don't forget to share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post x Luis.

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  1. Hola Luis, soy Andre1396. Genial el blog y mil gracias ��