Black Friday!

Hey Readers, enjoy this day and the offers! I  hope you get all stuff you want! :D

#53 Mss. Versachi

Après Ski Iced Over Faux Fur Top + The JetSet Heavy Rock Jacket
Bunny Hop Accordion Bag
Decades Gold Tear Shoes *
PPQ Interlock Necklace * + Saint Laurent Tribute Heavy Chainlink Necklace *
Young Hollywood Jourdan Embellished Skirt *

Bazaar: '*' 

Hello readers, I'm here againg with a Lookbook post, I'm in love with this outfit because this Jacket is EVERYTHIIIIING! I love the way how this turned up, I had a lot of doubts, I don't know wich sleeves to choose.. at the end I did this, it's really couture & how this colors match is really good! :D

Makeup, hair and topless remind me to Donatella Versachi, so I feel I channeled Versace sense.

What do you think about this outfit?
Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post x Luis

Young Hollywood!

The last friday we got a new realese in Stardoll, two new floors in Young Hollywood store, this time with Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, Gaga and other red carpet moments of our favorite Stars...

Get it or regret it!
1st Floor.

2nd Floor.

We were noticed one day before with the spoilers, so a lot of members were really axcited about this new realese, I did my picks that day waiting to have low prices and I think were nice (prices) except that Cara's ugly dress... I was in love with Selena and Riri's skirts, Riri's top was the hit and the 1st sold out item.

Here are my picks.

Riri Embellished Neck Top & Draped White Skirt
Jourdan Striped Sweater & Embellished Skirt 
Lupita Purse 
Selena White Flowing Skirt 
Gigi Suede Vest, Macklemore Necklaces & Ciara White Sandals
*Hairs edited by me. 

People rocking it!
 Alice (Alice_Angel10); (BeySashaFierce); (Cristiano666); Andres (Dollchik); Linda (Elite-girl); Eugenie (EugenieS); Maria (Marbum)

I love how some mebers of Stardoll create this looks and share them with us, the perfect mix of clothes, tones and shapes... I'm in love with Maria's outfit.

What is your favorite outfit?
What do you think about this realese?
What are your favorite items from this collection?

Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post x L

#3 WRD - Pink, Leather & Gray

My new stuff is here, I bought new items from new releases in Stardoll (Mawi, Hotbuys and Callie's Picks) other items are older but I have bought them when I saw some people wearing it.. .Hotbuys and hunting in bazaar for cheap and pretty items.

Antidote Chain Belt Dress * ($43 SD)
ELLE Modern Blazer (By Callie's Picks $14 SD)
Evil Panda Hotbuys Tartan Jumpsuit ($16 SD)
It Girls HotBuys Summer Playsuit * ($10 SD)
Limited Edition Chainlink Studded Purse * ($600 SD)
Mawi Thief Black Handbag ($20 SD)
Velvet Orchid Black Rebel Denim ($14 SD)
Young Hollywood Rihanna Met Heels * ($37)

Bazaar: '*'

I was looking around in Stardoll and I found some members wearing my picks.

Andrea (Andre1396) wearing Black Rebel Denim, I really like how she mixed ripped jeans and that Saint Laurent Coat, with neutral tones.. Grey & nude.

Miloshki wearing Thief Black Handbag from Mawi, rocking that leather bag with a minimal outfit with a mix of textures.

Ege (Violessa) wearing 3.1 Phillip Lim Jumpsuit with a mesh beanie, black top & some fashion accesories.. Fendi fur keyring and Chanel earrings... 

Thank you guys for share fashion with us.

What's your favorite outfit? Have you bought some of this picks? 
Style your doll and share your style with us, maybe you can be the next featured doll.
Don't forget to share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post x Luis.

#52 Bossy

Hey readers, here a new look, basic and minimal, I love the way how these pieces blend to create this peplum top and how it looks with this pants.

Who's him?

Dior Couture Tribute Blush Pearls Bracelet *
Gucci Holiday Tribute Black Glided Rococo Clutch *
Limited Edition Zipline Belt *
Melbourne Minimalism Tribute Neoprene Peplum Belt *
Pretty n' Love Wide Leg White Pants
Tingeling Halloween Couture Plastic Splattered Top *
Young Hollywood Katy Whithe Strappy Heels *

Bazaar: '*'

What do you think about this outfit? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post x. Luis


Hey readers, here's a megapost (Lookbook, Wardrobe News, Nelly Review and Wishlist) Enjoy it and share your opinion in comments.


New day, new look! I'm in love with my latest outfit, this Jacket is everything I mixed three (3) items, Vest, Sleeves and  Shoulder Pads. Channeling 90's with a dark makeup, ripped jeans, boots Skulls, in the background you can see my new closet, I did a new main room (Closet, bedroom and mini-studio)... by the way see my Nelly's bag...

Antidote Fire Engine Red Point Jacket *
Bizou DIY Ripped Jeans *
Limited Edition Dark Skull Necklace * & Zip Platform Ankle Boots *
Museum Mile Faux Fur McQueen Bolero *
Tingeling Halloween Couture Faux Fox Vest
Young Hollywood Solange White Top

Bazaar: '*'


How I said after Nelly released, I take this snapshot from starplaza, this collection is full of basic piedes, that you can mix really well with 'everything', neutral colors, some drapped pieces and simple shapes, I only bought two (2) pieces that I'll share with you later... may be I'll buy sometimes later. I picked  some members that were wearing some of this items!

What's your favorite outfit?
Lauri (AudreyHepburn.); Cilla (Baby_lush11); (Flor_14); (Hankipankidoni); Isabella (Isabella8103)

Wardrobe News!

It Girls HotBuys Chained Bag ($14 SD)
Nelly Crepe Wrap Top ($14 SD); Fake Fur Clutch ($11 SD) & Hip Chain ($6 SD)
Young Hollywood Acid Rain Purse * ($39 SD)

Bazaar: '*'

Let me know if you're selling/trading this Heels,
feel free to leave a comment here or in my Guestbook

What do you think about this post? 
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#1 WRD - Urban Boho

Hey readers, I'm here again (Yes, I know always is the same, but I hope this time will be different), I'll share with all of you this new section where I'll post all my new items and sometimes different ways to wear my new items to get a really nice outfit. Also I'll share some items for SALE/Trade because every fashion person need new stuff everyday.

By the way I'm so excited because I'm superstar for a year, so I can be quite for a while, (Thank you Eva). I lost the new release from LE, I like that collection but sadly I only can get like 2 items (LOL).

Tingeling Halloween Couture Faux Croc Clutch
Limited Edition Zip Platform Ankle Boots * ❤ ; Dyed Camo Jacket, Embroidered Wool Coat, Reptile Token Necklace & Suede Peasant Blouse*
Nelly Fake Fur Grey Keyring & Off Shoulder Rib Top

Bazaar: '*'

How I rock them!
 I did three outfits with some pieces, first one is my favorite, That coat is everything I saw Elena and Stev's outfits and I bought it immediately because I'm so jealous.

Photo By Stev.
What do you think about this new section?
Share your Opinion in the comments!

Pd: Sorry if I have some grammatical errors my english is regular, so you can correct me and I'll edit it, thank you.

Until next post x Luis

#50 ANDRO-Couture

Bizou HotBuys BW Blazer
Chanel Fantasy Print Blouse
Dior Mint Couture Heels
Nelly Sky Ring & Best Bracelet
Special Offer Milan Fashion Week Shades & Pyramid Bracelet
Tingeling Joker Hat
Tingeling Halloween Couture Deep Velvet Trousers
Voile HotBuys Bracelet
Yves Saint Laurent Pearlized Clutch

New day, new outfit! This time I was inspired by these amazing trousers from Tingeling Halloween Couture and I used to have this look so androgynous that I really like it, washed makeup, no earrings, 'pixie' haircut ... I don't know it's perfect.. ahahaha What do you think about this outfit? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

Until next post.. x Luis

#49 Natural heavy way

Antidote Denim Matelasse Skirt
Gucci Black Handbag
It Girls Chelsea Belt
Melbourne Minimalism Tribute Pure White Loafers
Museum Mile McQueen Skull Scarf
PPQ Interlock Necklace & Vamp Sunglasses
Special Offer White Classic Top
The Jetset Styled Leather Jacket
Young Hollywood Michael Watch

Hey Readers, I'll be posting some looks this days, I hope to read new comments about it.

Until next entry.