Long live the King

As we were noticed yesterday by Noleani in the last video, today we have a new release at Starplaza. 

Click in the image to enlarge.

It's the new Tribute to Alexander McQueen, only for Royalty members (in my opinion was discriminative, all members should to have similar rights lol), I woke up at 4:00 a.m. in my country and bought all My Picks, the prices were 'low' (20-56 Stardollars, everything 10% off for Royalty) and the most of pieces with 400 units in stock.

I was hunting people wearing pieces from this release! 
Which outfit do you like the most?
Abigail (Aby400); Eileen (Anna-Caroli); Maria (Marbum); Phil (MissJimni1990); E (Vampire_); Vincent (Vincent99); Nino (xCookie)

Do you buy all things you wanted? What do you think about this tribute? What it`s your favorite outfit? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post, I'll be doing an entry with quick outfits wearing my picks.

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