#48 XIV

Bonjour Bizou Shattered City Necklace *
Callie's Picks Mini Wrist Clutch *
IT GIRLS Lab Coat *
Limited Edition Valli Veranda Glasses
Nelly.com Feather Sandals
Pretty n' Love White Bow Collar Shirt *
RIO Plastic Wrinkled Pants *
Voile Pearl Encrusted Clutch (x3 as Neckpiece)

Bazaar: '*'

This wednesday had place a new release of X's Magazine, with a Party hosted by Jack at Tinychat! Was really funny and as always we got an amazing issue! 

Pablo's Doll

Don't forget to check it out this Issue HERE!


  1. Replies
    1. Same here, are a must have this season!! I'm in love with this kind of heels! I have like 3 in stardoll (Givenchy, Pucci and now Nelly)

  2. Hi, you have a great blog.
    I try to sell a lot of my clothes in stardoll. Do you have any tip?
    Thank you