Long live the King

As we were noticed yesterday by Noleani in the last video, today we have a new release at Starplaza. 

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It's the new Tribute to Alexander McQueen, only for Royalty members (in my opinion was discriminative, all members should to have similar rights lol), I woke up at 4:00 a.m. in my country and bought all My Picks, the prices were 'low' (20-56 Stardollars, everything 10% off for Royalty) and the most of pieces with 400 units in stock.

I was hunting people wearing pieces from this release! 
Which outfit do you like the most?
Abigail (Aby400); Eileen (Anna-Caroli); Maria (Marbum); Phil (MissJimni1990); E (Vampire_); Vincent (Vincent99); Nino (xCookie)

Do you buy all things you wanted? What do you think about this tribute? What it`s your favorite outfit? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post, I'll be doing an entry with quick outfits wearing my picks.

#48 XIV

Bonjour Bizou Shattered City Necklace *
Callie's Picks Mini Wrist Clutch *
IT GIRLS Lab Coat *
Limited Edition Valli Veranda Glasses
Nelly.com Feather Sandals
Pretty n' Love White Bow Collar Shirt *
RIO Plastic Wrinkled Pants *
Voile Pearl Encrusted Clutch (x3 as Neckpiece)

Bazaar: '*'

This wednesday had place a new release of X's Magazine, with a Party hosted by Jack at Tinychat! Was really funny and as always we got an amazing issue! 

Pablo's Doll

Don't forget to check it out this Issue HERE!


Hello readers, it's been a very long time since my last entry, my computer doesn't work so well then is so boring to play Stardoll, also I was absent by studies .. I've enjoyed my real life and I can't leave this wonderful site (Stardoll). I'll take advantage of the holiday and I'll be more active, 'cause you ask for it and I enjoy it I'll do more entries here.

Tomorrow we will have a new tribute store, An homepage to Alexander McQueen, we wanted that several years/months ago, well, now we get it ... will be limited edition as were the other releases of Museum Mile and only for Royalty members.

In this post I will share My Picks .. I don't like some pieces for different reasons (Colors,  cuts and modifications) however there are nice pieces:

My Picks,
Skull Scarf, Tartan Couture Dress, Feather Wishp Headpiece, Savage Beauty Shoes, Creature Leggings, Ivory Skull Scarf, Beekeeper Top, Cage Belt, Crystal Couture Top, Cage Top, Rug Print Clutch, Classic Clutch and Skull Stud Tote.

These pieces have very good details, bringing us clothes and accessories from different collections, skulls, prints,studs... characteristic of this wonderful designer, I hope to get all things I want.

 Take this opportunity to wish you the best in this holidays, enjoy everything.

What are your favorite pieces? What's your opinion of this Tribute? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Until next post.