Day 2: Model Oportunities.

New city, new start, and a new day on Miranda's life

Her apartment was empty, just her bags, Tracy her  persian cat was sleeping in her bed and obviously her laptop; the morning sun streaming through the window and lit most of the floor, Miranda's breakfast as usual ... coffee, bread and some fruit .. after of a shower, Miranda took her laptop and she would start to share her experiences in Dollhattan and part of her life.. 'Live Like Miranda' and wrote a post about her, a little bio...

Hi Guys, it's me Miranda!

Quick facts:

Name: Miranda Smith
Born and Birth: Berlin, Germany. 18/03/1989
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Bust-Waist-Hips: 28,5 - 23 - 35
Height:  5'10,5

Well! I'm Miranda, I grew up in Berlin, with my mother a famous architect in Germany and Europe, my father is a prominent American lawyer and I'm a fashion designer, model and photographer, I have a Persian cat named Tracy, and now is my only partner (I'm single) here in Dollhattan, I arrived yesterday and I want to establish myself here and open a boutique soon and I'll take care of some business of my father, who returned to Germany with my mother.

 I'll try to be here and share some of my experiences, outfits, events, and everything related with my fashionista life ... I hope to read your comments and insights, kisses until next post ..

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 When Miranda was ready left her building and got out looking for a good restaurant to lunch, and while walking down 5th Avenue a woman came up to her.

—Hi Darling, I'm Sasha Danielle (Miss.Gothic.999), recently I've started up a new magazine, AMZ, and I'm looking for models to feature in the second issue. Would you be interested in becoming a model? You have a pretty face.

—Wow! Nice to meet you Sasha, I'd like to know more about your magazine I have been model before, then obviously I can do it...What do you think if we lunch together and talk about this project?

—Sure, and obviouly I'll invite you and you will know about this amazing project...

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