Day 2: Model Oportunities. (Pt. 2)

After lunch with Sasha, Miranda decided to follow her instinct because she was looking for some stores to spend her money on, so she could relax. She was a compulsive shopaholic and always wanted to buy everything, Agatha (her mother) had always advised to Miranda to visit a specialist and get into rehab, but she obviously refused claiming that “Merrier the more”. 

Some minutes after walking through the 5th Avenue, Miranda decided to sit for a minute, not far away from her there was a woman wearing Loubutin heels, a lovely floral skirt and red fur coat using a camera. She was shooting in some of the wildest streets of Dollhattan. Miranda went to approach her but she did not know the reason why she was doing it, maybe it was the fascination for the heels and that fabulous outfit or even the photography 
— Hello, I love what you are doing. Miranda said while smiling politely

The still unnamed girl raised an eyebrow, maybe a bit confused or uncomfortable by the unexpected presence of Miranda 

Oh, thank you. I had recently started working on a publishing project, so I needed inspiration  

For sure, I know what you are talking about, I am always doing the same, I usually carry a camera or my cellphone with me. 

Yes, you should hunt everything in the world, and if you don’t mind I will continue with my work. 

Sorry, I did not mean to bother, Goodbye and have a nice day. It was already enough for Miranda so she left because she felt she was bothering the unnamed woman. 
Elise and her Shoots.
Having walked through streets she later noticed a Louis Vuitton store God, am I in Heaven? It is time for me to buy a new handbag. Said Miranda to herself while she crossed into the store and after 30 minutes, she left holding tons of shopping bags. She unknowingly was photographed by the woman, who was only a few streets behind her, she was waiting for a taxi and was approached by this woman  

Hello, excuse me for being rude, my name is Elise Grant and as I said to you before I am working as a creative director for a new magazine and I must admit I love your style, that Stella McCartney dress is just flawless, and I would like to be friends with you and go shopping together. Miranda subtly smiled  
Elise, I am really glad, my name is Miranda and I believe the idea of shopping is just fancy, and as you noticed, I love fashion.

I see that we like similar things, like shopping, fashion and photography, I think we will be good friends. What will you do tonight? 

I will be busy, I am currently decorating my department, I recently arrived and everything is just a mess, like furniture, boxes, baggage, all of them are everywhere. Miranda said.

I guess, take my card, there is my cellphone number, in case you need help with something. Elise said. 

A taxi was waiting for Miranda so she quickly said goodbye and kissed Elise on each cheek. She told the driver the address and she arrived home 10 minutes later. 

Miranda was In the living room to get some rest before starting to clean and order the furniture that had arrived in the morning. — I'm so excited to start decorating my apartment. She said while opened some of the boxes. She spent a few hours and already everything looked much more comfortable and pleasant ...

Miranda's Bed Room

So Miranda decided to take a shower and apply a strawberry mask to relax ... drank a cup of tea and a toast with jam and after she cleaned her wardrobe and she went to bed and read the first AMZ issue.

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  1. I really love this Room and the Storys about Miranda are really cool & entertaining! I'm really excited what she will experienced next.

    xoxo Raul