Day 1: New Life.

Miranda got out the taxi with a lot of suitcases and latest TNDT issue...

A handsome guy was in the building..maybe waiting a taxi or someone.
-Oh Hello, are you new here? Let me help you by the way my name is Daniel.
-Aww I'd appreciate your help, I'm Miranda nice to meet you. 
He helped her with the suitcases and left Miranda immediately because he was too late.She even couldn't believe she had left Europe to start a new life in Dollhattan, her apartment was completely empty, but it was really irrelevant because she was really excited about everything, She was drinking coffee and reading The New Doll Times that had bad news as the main header, the famous Tiffany Parker had died ...

Tiffany's body autopsy has revealed she died from an overdose of cocaine and antidepressants, as reported by George Tylor.

Her closest friends are still in shock and dismay because it's incredible that Tiffany who looked so full of life, no longer be with us.

Tiffany's body will be buried on February 19th at 1:00 pm GMT -5 in Ferncliff Cemetery, where family and friends expected to attend.
Well! were sad news, but who cares, everybody dies all days.. A starlet said bye and a new one would start to shine... Miranda wanted to know new friends here in Dollhattan and obviosuly she would be in that Event, ready to impress with her best outfit, beacause she thinks in all oportunities... maybe some Magazine Editor would need a new fresh model face cover.. she was sure that the funeral would be a lucky for her, full of fashionistas, magazines, paparazzis and famous people..

Archive Collar *
DOTT Nude Pumps *
FB Likeometer Coat
Hot Hot Buys Tartan Dress *
Limited Edition Pearl Cat Eye Shades * & Ruffle Clutch *
Original Future Black Crop Top 
RIO Tortoiseshell Bangle

Bazaar: '*'

She called her parents to say that everything was okay, and go out to buy some stuff and furniture...


  1. Love that post!!!

  2. i'll be attending the funeral in moschino fw 13 as tribute to poor Tiffany xx rest in peace angel