Limited Edition F/W 13-14

Hi readers, I'm here (I know so late)... this time to do a review about new Limited Edition F / W 13-14 that was released the last friday... in my opinion one of the most annoying collections for Stardoll members, we shouled to wait like 12 hours to see the store for the first time and it seemed that the wait was in vain, Stardoll Staff was sharing some spoilers in Snapchat... It was annoying as publishing a photo every thousand hours and we had no the store, released ads, and still didn't see the store ... We had a preview of the interior, which in my opinion was one of the most anticipated item REALLY BEAUTIFUL, but too bad not sold, that made ​​me feel frustrated.

Limited Edition Store
We were all in expectation, as we had initially spoilers one Versace Atelier dress and another picture with a pair of platforms, boots and a bag ... there was not much cohesion, the logo of this season hav zebra print and sequins (I loved it) ... and when the store was out, we noticed that there were several dresses, scarves, shorts among others, lack of accessories like bracelets, necklaces, glasses like before, items had different trends that aren't connected to each other, but the clothing have very good quality, and some items sold out in less than 20 minutes, my favorite item of whole collection were 'Dallas Boots'.

I spent about 1400 Stardollars, I loved most of the clothes, zebra print (my favorite) but in the store the outfits didn't look so nice together, I hope to create cute outfits with each one, and leave the habit of buying a lot of clothes that will die peacefully in my closet, for example last season I spent a lot of money, bought a lot of clothes and so far I don't use it.
From let to right: Juan (Joselinda100); Philip (Liankaaa13); Tom (Lindsay12346); Cecilia (Mery.-); Patricia (Patriciazierhut); Pablo (xXSophiie.luvXx

  • Christine's opinion: The LE collection that will go down in history. Not because of the clothes, but because of the agonizing wait that came along. The collection ranged from rubber, latex, vinyl pieces to more feminine pastel clothing. These items were not as cohesive as past seasons, but there were a few items that stood out. My favorite pieces includ the "Black Ruffle Pumps", the "Crochet Trim Jacket", and the "LE Perfecto Jacket". Items like these exhibit versatility and style. These are the kind of items that every girl should have in her closet. Overall, I think this collection was over-hyped, but Stardoll is definitely making progress and I expect great things in the upcoming months!

I this post I want to share with you some outfits of Stardoll members wearing items from this last season, you can vote in some ‘Who wore it better?’ 
Jomi (Sax_Star_Silvia) & JB (Laurenboy)

Faz (Luksgirl) & Alice (

Christine (Gweneee) & Angie (Angeltopmodel)

What do you think about this store!? and don't forget to vote in 'Who wore it better?'
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Unitl next post, Luis x


  1. I loved this store!
    My votes for the who wore it better are:
    Sax_Star_Silvia (everyone seems to have made the mistake of wearing patterned items with this top, it looks best with simple clothing and minimum accessories) (love the jacket with that skirt!)
    Gweneee (this is perfect, the jacket works so well, the other is just too much white for me)

    1. OMG I love the way how you justify each vote, have a nice day x