Hot Buys Alex Skirt

This week Stardoll released a new Hot Buys, 'Alex Skirt' it costs $16 Stardollars and you can find it in Evil Panda Store.

Is one of my favorites, I love the black and white items, the details, is a very good quality graphic, chains and fur are perfect but I think it had been better without the chains; in this entry I'll show you some people wearing this skirt in different ways!

Which one of these outfits is your favorite?
From left to right: Marie (Beluchiitaa); Luiza (Blinnes); Isa (DiedunkleMaid); Maria (Marbum); Mosky (Mosky-Magazine); Jomi (Sax_Star_Silvia)

What is your favorite ouftit? Will you buy this Skirt? Who wear this skirt better?
Share your opinion and outfits with us in the comments, I'll be glad to read and answer each one! 

Until next post, Luis x


  1. I'm in love with Blinnes outfit. *o*

  2. Like anonymous, I love Blinnes' outfit but I also like Marbum's

  3. Isas is the best one