Ch. 1 How to be a... Starlet!

Hi readers, it's me again with a new article to start this week, I hope you like and I want to read your opinion in the comments, my best wishes for everybody this week Love you all! I want to thank Scarlett for to be part of the first Chapter of Capital Glam "Where you can to know everything about fashion and fashionistas", and obviously special thanks to Manolo that inspires me to do this! Enjoy it!

15 Scarlett's Must-haves
1. Michael Stage Trousers - ROYALTY ; 2. Black Trench Coat - Archive ; 3. Extra Long Modern Blazer - ELLE ; 4. Silk Shirt - Archive ; 5. Silk Tank - AMY CLAIRE ;
6. Pantyhose - VOILE ; 7. Heeled Pumps - Archive ; 8. Ebony Half Boots - Young Hollywood ; 9. Iron Jacket - DKNY ; 10. Clear Plastic Clutch - Limited Edition ;
11. Basic Miniskirt - ELLE ; 12. Black Mini Dress - AMY CLAIRE ; 13. Strech Jeans - Bonjour Bizou ; 14. Nude Pumps - DOTT ; 15. Minimalist Alexander Heels - Bonjour Bizou

LK: Hi darling! Before we begin, do you mind telling the readers of Luis Kingdom a bit about you?
Scarlett: Well ... I'm Scarlett. I'm from Sweden. I'm 16 years old. I think that's it. 

LK: In my opinion, you are a huge fashionista. What inspires your outfits?
Scarlett: Thank you dear! I'm inspired by late 60's and 70's. Take 70's silhouettes and dye them pitch black. Mix with a bit of minimalism and that is basically my style. 

The one and only Starlett24

LK: Do you have a specific process when producing a new outfit?
Scarlett: I really don't have a process ... I put on whatever I feel like I want to wear that day. Sometimes I change my outfit 5 times a day and other outfits I keep for a week. 

LK: What are your favorite brands in Stardoll and how do you define your style?
Scarlett: Favorite brands ... While I know most users would say LE I'd have to disagree. Most LE pieces are very hard to wear. I think my favorite brands would be Amy Claire, DKNY and ELLE. 

LK: Have you icons/role models in your life. (If you have who are and why?)
Scarlett: Of course I have certain people I look up to! I love Sharon Tate, Audrey Hepburn, Elin Kling, Emanuelle Alt and obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. When it comes to photography I absolutely love Hedi Slimane and Helmut Newton!

LK: What is your current obsessions?
Scarlett: I'm currently trying to look like a high class prostitute during the 70's and that's probably my obsession LOL I am totally obsessed with the pop duo Say Lou Lou, Marble print and fur!

LK: Have you dolls that inspire you, Who are? 
Scarlett: A lot of dolls inspire me! There's so many great people out there! EugenieS, Goodgal7, Laia_Fergusson_, Mery.-Sevillana94 and Style_Magazine ... The list could go on and on! There's alot of fashionable users on Stardoll.
"Why even wear a purse if it's empty?" Scarlett

LK:Who you would want to see in the next chapter interview?
Scarlett: Goodgal7!

LK: Thank you once again Scarlett for let us to know a bit of you and your amazing style. Is there any final words you’d like to tell the readers of Luis Kingdom?
Scarlett: Thank you for having me!

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  1. I love her every single outfit, and I can't believe this is the first time I'm visiting this blog! Love it.