#34 Take me to your planet!

Antidote Dotted Bow Scarf * + Film Theory Pearl Inlaid Turban + VOILE Precious Rhinestone Crown *
Archive Louise Pearl Necklace * and Status Print Cut Tee *
Callie’s Picks Pink Belt *
IT GIRLS Lab Coat *
Limited Edition Brocade Leggings *
Moxie Teens Feathers Shrug
Riviera Rosa PVC Stilettos
Spectacular! Summer Mask Sunnies
Young Hollywood Spotted Print Purse *

Bazaar: '*'

Hi readers, today I want to share with  you this goirgeous outfit, in my opinion the best of my doll in this new year, I love this mix of items, textures, prints, colors, simply EVERYTHING in this outfit, (I'll be depressed after this, because I'll need a lot of creativity to make a new lovely outfit like this), also I want to show my new room, Yes, I have been working in some rooms, I have a lot of furniture, but my rooms are always empty, plain and bored, a little 'fireplace' in my small flat in Dollhattan, Pieces of Art, color, and Furry my cat, complete the place, working so well with this outfit ( I was inspired by the outfit, -I know, I was obsessed-) I did a new hair with photoshop, because I want to make 'Status Symbol' visible and add the purse in other way! I love how it looks, and now is my profile picture on my Stardoll Facebook Account; Also I want to say again, that you can have new items when you mix default Stardoll items (DIY), like this gorgeous Turban, I used three items and it looks like a piece created by Stardoll Staff.

I'm also really excited because Ashley Doggett will be part of Luis Kingdom, She'll do a little introduction about her and we will be working to have amazing entries for you, our dear readers.

I was really inspired doing this post, I really don't know why, (lol) I hope to read your opinions about my outfit, do you like it? Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post, Luis x 

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  1. Luis, your outfit is so jaw-dropping and I just love the 'Status Symbol' shirt ! Besides that, I'm excited that Ashley will be writing.