Limited Edition F/W 13-14

Hi readers, I'm here (I know so late)... this time to do a review about new Limited Edition F / W 13-14 that was released the last friday... in my opinion one of the most annoying collections for Stardoll members, we shouled to wait like 12 hours to see the store for the first time and it seemed that the wait was in vain, Stardoll Staff was sharing some spoilers in Snapchat... It was annoying as publishing a photo every thousand hours and we had no the store, released ads, and still didn't see the store ... We had a preview of the interior, which in my opinion was one of the most anticipated item REALLY BEAUTIFUL, but too bad not sold, that made ​​me feel frustrated.

Limited Edition Store
We were all in expectation, as we had initially spoilers one Versace Atelier dress and another picture with a pair of platforms, boots and a bag ... there was not much cohesion, the logo of this season hav zebra print and sequins (I loved it) ... and when the store was out, we noticed that there were several dresses, scarves, shorts among others, lack of accessories like bracelets, necklaces, glasses like before, items had different trends that aren't connected to each other, but the clothing have very good quality, and some items sold out in less than 20 minutes, my favorite item of whole collection were 'Dallas Boots'.

I spent about 1400 Stardollars, I loved most of the clothes, zebra print (my favorite) but in the store the outfits didn't look so nice together, I hope to create cute outfits with each one, and leave the habit of buying a lot of clothes that will die peacefully in my closet, for example last season I spent a lot of money, bought a lot of clothes and so far I don't use it.
From let to right: Juan (Joselinda100); Philip (Liankaaa13); Tom (Lindsay12346); Cecilia (Mery.-); Patricia (Patriciazierhut); Pablo (xXSophiie.luvXx

  • Christine's opinion: The LE collection that will go down in history. Not because of the clothes, but because of the agonizing wait that came along. The collection ranged from rubber, latex, vinyl pieces to more feminine pastel clothing. These items were not as cohesive as past seasons, but there were a few items that stood out. My favorite pieces includ the "Black Ruffle Pumps", the "Crochet Trim Jacket", and the "LE Perfecto Jacket". Items like these exhibit versatility and style. These are the kind of items that every girl should have in her closet. Overall, I think this collection was over-hyped, but Stardoll is definitely making progress and I expect great things in the upcoming months!

I this post I want to share with you some outfits of Stardoll members wearing items from this last season, you can vote in some ‘Who wore it better?’ 
Jomi (Sax_Star_Silvia) & JB (Laurenboy)

Faz (Luksgirl) & Alice (

Christine (Gweneee) & Angie (Angeltopmodel)

What do you think about this store!? and don't forget to vote in 'Who wore it better?'
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Unitl next post, Luis x

#36 Safari in Dollhattan

ELLE Ribbon Necklace *
Evil Panda Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket *
Hot Buys Summer Retro Zebra Jumpsuit *
Saint Laurent Paris Tribute YSL Bowler Bag *
Young Hollywood Headdress Handbag *, Long Tulle Tuilleries Skirt * and Wing Heels *

Bazaar: '*'

#35 De Vil

Après Ski Fuzzy Black Ski Glasses + Decades Fierce Diamond Shades * + Monte Carlo Sunglasses
DKNY Dot Print Pleather Purse *
Epiphany The Diamond Ring *
Fever Watermelon Blazer *
Giambattista Valli Silver Couture Trousers *
Limited Edition Heavy Metal Belt * and Silver Chunk Bracelets *
Pretty n' Love Cherry Faux Fur Jacket
Velvet Orchid Silver Crop Tank
Young Hollywood Carrie Stilettos * and Street Style Cuff *

Bazaar: '*'

Strawberries, Leather, Veltvet and Tartan, it's new of Evil Panda

 Hi readers, a new week has started and that means NEWS in Stardoll, some items has been released this time in Evil Panda, Leggins, Jackets, Bags, Shoes and others, everithing with cute and kawaii details that identifies this brand.
I'm not really fan of Evil Panda because ussually the clothes are so childish (Prints, Colors and Silhouettes), but I recognize in this new 'collection' two pieces that I consider Must-haves: Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket ($15) and Houndstooth Skirt ($14).

DIY Shades Inspired by Ashley (xshortyx)
 As always, I'm hunting people wearing similar items, because it's really funny to see how the people can change perspective of it, this time; Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket.

Who wear this jacket better?
From Left to Right: Lisa (876540276478302); Enrique (Dkny4435); N.N (InkedSkindDude); Maria (Marbum); Rocio (Mireina.-); N.N (Neon_Bones); N.N (SeasonalHotbuys)

Fabrics, Textures and Details.
What do you think about this? Do you like them? Will you be buying anything?
Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Until next post, Luis x

#34 Take me to your planet!

Antidote Dotted Bow Scarf * + Film Theory Pearl Inlaid Turban + VOILE Precious Rhinestone Crown *
Archive Louise Pearl Necklace * and Status Print Cut Tee *
Callie’s Picks Pink Belt *
IT GIRLS Lab Coat *
Limited Edition Brocade Leggings *
Moxie Teens Feathers Shrug
Riviera Rosa PVC Stilettos
Spectacular! Summer Mask Sunnies
Young Hollywood Spotted Print Purse *

Bazaar: '*'

Hi readers, today I want to share with  you this goirgeous outfit, in my opinion the best of my doll in this new year, I love this mix of items, textures, prints, colors, simply EVERYTHING in this outfit, (I'll be depressed after this, because I'll need a lot of creativity to make a new lovely outfit like this), also I want to show my new room, Yes, I have been working in some rooms, I have a lot of furniture, but my rooms are always empty, plain and bored, a little 'fireplace' in my small flat in Dollhattan, Pieces of Art, color, and Furry my cat, complete the place, working so well with this outfit ( I was inspired by the outfit, -I know, I was obsessed-) I did a new hair with photoshop, because I want to make 'Status Symbol' visible and add the purse in other way! I love how it looks, and now is my profile picture on my Stardoll Facebook Account; Also I want to say again, that you can have new items when you mix default Stardoll items (DIY), like this gorgeous Turban, I used three items and it looks like a piece created by Stardoll Staff.

I'm also really excited because Ashley Doggett will be part of Luis Kingdom, She'll do a little introduction about her and we will be working to have amazing entries for you, our dear readers.

I was really inspired doing this post, I really don't know why, (lol) I hope to read your opinions about my outfit, do you like it? Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post, Luis x 

Ch. 1 How to be a... Starlet!

Hi readers, it's me again with a new article to start this week, I hope you like and I want to read your opinion in the comments, my best wishes for everybody this week Love you all! I want to thank Scarlett for to be part of the first Chapter of Capital Glam "Where you can to know everything about fashion and fashionistas", and obviously special thanks to Manolo that inspires me to do this! Enjoy it!

15 Scarlett's Must-haves
1. Michael Stage Trousers - ROYALTY ; 2. Black Trench Coat - Archive ; 3. Extra Long Modern Blazer - ELLE ; 4. Silk Shirt - Archive ; 5. Silk Tank - AMY CLAIRE ;
6. Pantyhose - VOILE ; 7. Heeled Pumps - Archive ; 8. Ebony Half Boots - Young Hollywood ; 9. Iron Jacket - DKNY ; 10. Clear Plastic Clutch - Limited Edition ;
11. Basic Miniskirt - ELLE ; 12. Black Mini Dress - AMY CLAIRE ; 13. Strech Jeans - Bonjour Bizou ; 14. Nude Pumps - DOTT ; 15. Minimalist Alexander Heels - Bonjour Bizou

LK: Hi darling! Before we begin, do you mind telling the readers of Luis Kingdom a bit about you?
Scarlett: Well ... I'm Scarlett. I'm from Sweden. I'm 16 years old. I think that's it. 

LK: In my opinion, you are a huge fashionista. What inspires your outfits?
Scarlett: Thank you dear! I'm inspired by late 60's and 70's. Take 70's silhouettes and dye them pitch black. Mix with a bit of minimalism and that is basically my style. 

The one and only Starlett24

LK: Do you have a specific process when producing a new outfit?
Scarlett: I really don't have a process ... I put on whatever I feel like I want to wear that day. Sometimes I change my outfit 5 times a day and other outfits I keep for a week. 

LK: What are your favorite brands in Stardoll and how do you define your style?
Scarlett: Favorite brands ... While I know most users would say LE I'd have to disagree. Most LE pieces are very hard to wear. I think my favorite brands would be Amy Claire, DKNY and ELLE. 

LK: Have you icons/role models in your life. (If you have who are and why?)
Scarlett: Of course I have certain people I look up to! I love Sharon Tate, Audrey Hepburn, Elin Kling, Emanuelle Alt and obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. When it comes to photography I absolutely love Hedi Slimane and Helmut Newton!

LK: What is your current obsessions?
Scarlett: I'm currently trying to look like a high class prostitute during the 70's and that's probably my obsession LOL I am totally obsessed with the pop duo Say Lou Lou, Marble print and fur!

LK: Have you dolls that inspire you, Who are? 
Scarlett: A lot of dolls inspire me! There's so many great people out there! EugenieS, Goodgal7, Laia_Fergusson_, Mery.-Sevillana94 and Style_Magazine ... The list could go on and on! There's alot of fashionable users on Stardoll.
"Why even wear a purse if it's empty?" Scarlett

LK:Who you would want to see in the next chapter interview?
Scarlett: Goodgal7!

LK: Thank you once again Scarlett for let us to know a bit of you and your amazing style. Is there any final words you’d like to tell the readers of Luis Kingdom?
Scarlett: Thank you for having me!

What's your opinion about this new section!? What do you think about Scarlett style? 
 Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next Post, Luis x

I'm your tropical drink

Hot Buys Pop Tiger Sunglasses
Moschino Tribute Sequin Splash Top and Sunny Ribbon Heels
Limited Edition Logo Hot Yellow Thin Belt and Neon Green Carry All Bag
Sonia Rykiel Pink Platforms
Tingeling Oversized Skirt (Dior)

I have take this photos a lot of time ago, I wanted to share this with you.

What do you think about this photoshoot? Do you like this outfit? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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DIY: Gladiator Sandals by Sasha.Star

 Gladiator Sandals by Sasha.Star

 Hi readers, in this post I want to share the creativity of Brenny (Sasha.Star) is a older outfit but his doll still looking fabulous, I love how he 'made' a new pair of sandals wearing three differents that you can buy in Starplaza or Starbazaar, his outfit is simple but beautifull I love that hat, remind me a lot of American Horror Story Coven, and the basic tunic/dress is perfect because is giving all attention to the shoes! those gorgeous Gladiator Sandals! 

What do you think about this 'DIY' post? Do you like? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Share your 'DIY' in comments, maybe you can be the star of the next post! 

Until next time, Luis x

Hot Buys Alex Skirt

This week Stardoll released a new Hot Buys, 'Alex Skirt' it costs $16 Stardollars and you can find it in Evil Panda Store.

Is one of my favorites, I love the black and white items, the details, is a very good quality graphic, chains and fur are perfect but I think it had been better without the chains; in this entry I'll show you some people wearing this skirt in different ways!

Which one of these outfits is your favorite?
From left to right: Marie (Beluchiitaa); Luiza (Blinnes); Isa (DiedunkleMaid); Maria (Marbum); Mosky (Mosky-Magazine); Jomi (Sax_Star_Silvia)

What is your favorite ouftit? Will you buy this Skirt? Who wear this skirt better?
Share your opinion and outfits with us in the comments, I'll be glad to read and answer each one! 

Until next post, Luis x

#33 Tik Tak Tok-yo?

 Archive Michelle Body *
Christian Louboutin Guerrilla Booties *
Fallen Angel Iron Claw Cuff
HOT BUYS Daisy Satin Kimono *
Limited Edition Draped Button Fron Skirt *
RIO Leopard Cuffs * and Red Shiy Pleather Clutch *
Royalty Spring Ceremony Blouse
Young Hollywood Klum Heart Collar *

" * " = Bazaar

What do you think about this outfit? 
Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments and have a nice start of week!

Until next post, kisses Luis.

#32 Where's my wave?

 Archive Gold Cross Necklace *
Bizou Agynes Hat *
Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren White Knot Shirt
DIESEL Abunto and Asit Bracelets
Elizabeth & James Relaxed James Blazer *
Fudge Green Shorts
HOT BUYS See Through Purse *
Mr. White Mr Shoes
OTTO Aviator Glasses
Pretty n' Love Harlequin Dress *
RIO Beach Bracelet *
St Trinians RudeGirl Chainlink Necklace *
Tingeling Palm Forest Skirt *

" * " = Bazaar

#31 Darkness Lord

Anna Sui Tribute Swirls Clutch *
Archive Faux Paws Bolero * (x2)
Chanel Tribute Fantasy Print Blouse * (Necklace) and Couture Rings *
Fallen Angel  Boots * ; Raven Feather Bolero and Slim Fit Pants
Limited Edition Chain Necklace * and Sunnies On The Go* 

Tingeling Wild Vest

" * " = Bazaar

#30 Golden Tears

Antidote Banded Black Pleather Boots *
Bizou Print Sweater *
Callie's Picks 60's Earrings *
 Limited Edition Giulia Crossbody Bag * and Mozaic Leggings * 
St Trinians RudeGirl Chainlink Necklace *
Young Hollywood Mary Kate Sheen Blazer *

" * " = Bazaar

#29 Minimal

Après Ski Crossover Knot Belt
Antidote See All Caryall
Bizou Hot Buys Record Necklace *
IT GIRLS Deauville Silky Top * 
Killah Spiked Bangle * Trill Hat
OTTO Aviator Glasses
Royalty Michael Jackson Stage Trousers and Kimono Heels

" * " = Bazaar