Here's the whole collection I hope you like it! and give me your opinion in the comments.
 (All designs here, are created by me, 100% orginal and I hope no body copy it, please be creative and original)

Click each image to enlarge and see the details!


Click each image to enlarge and see the details!

Team members: Luis/Laia_Fergusson_

Models: Adela (A.d.a.1234), Alex (Pau.Cam.Arena), Ashley (Ashley_Doggett), Cecilia (Mery.-), Elena (Gktkmk), JB (Laurenboy), Jomi (Illuminasty), Juno (Junonuno), Kasia (Tlen), Linda (Elite-girl), Marina (Qwertu456) and Scarlett (Starlett24). (Alphabetic order)


I am happy to announce that Dioguardi is back this season. After "The Last Manifesto", the last and only Dioguardi collection created by Manolo (Manolo.DiCicco), it is time to introduce a new era; this season, colors like red, black, white, gold or nude take over the runway. The whole collection is inspired by royal highness, as well as iconic characters such as Cruella De Vil (Fur, animal prints, hairstyling…). There are plenty of graceful yet sexy dresses, especially considering Dioguardi's previous collections. I have tried to keep the original essence of the brand, adding my personal touch and my ideas.

Until next post, Luis x

Dioguardi's back!

This Friday will kick off one of the most anticipated events of the year, TTT's Fashion Week. I'm presenting my first Dioguardi F/W collection, which you are oficially invited to. In this post, you can submit your outfit to appear in the Best Dressed List, don't forget to go according to the dress code, which is Avant-Garde and Haute Couture, and obviously, the first places are getting a beautiful gift and a short review for each look.

For more informacion about schedules and other events, don't forget to read the official post at TTT!

Until next post, kisses Luis ❤