#20 Givenchy

Bizou Collared Roses Jacket; Diesel Abunto and Asit Bracelets; Evil Panda Folk's Boy Sneakers x2; Fuge Fallen Into Florals Slippers; Hot Buys Voyage Big Bag; Kazia's Madonna Design (Name by me); Mr. Purple Rever Pants; Roberto Cavalli Floral Black Blouse.

Time for a men, this is a male outfit, I'm really versatile, I can do EVERYTHING, if I can't I'll do inventate it! OKAY!? I love this shirt, it's so GIVENCHY! I love it! Thank you Kazia! you make me look so WOMAZING! and it's matched perfectly with the Louis Vuitton bag, the shoes are a flatforms converse with a florar detail, simple bracelets complete my look.

What do you think? Do you like Kazia's Design? What do you think about my male doll? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post dear readers! See you x Luis 

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  1. I think that shirt is my all time favorite item on SD.