Look at my interior #1

Birkin Ashley's designs.

Hey readers, today I bring you a snapshot of my last room, a small study/office with many bags! A little piece of heaven! As I mention in my presentation "DON'T TOUCH ME OR I'LL HIT YOU WITH MY HANDBAG" ... you can choose from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Hermès ... Part of the inspiration of creating this room, comes from the fabulous Birkin handbag by Hermès that Ashley (Ashley_Doggett) recreated and gifted to me and I wanted to use it. I then I started to put many handbags grouped into colors and shapes! I'm not very good with interior design, I simply prefer to create simple rooms to expose attire or objects.

I have also captured two more rooms, I've loved and wanted to share with you, the first of Lottie (LadyLottie33); I love the match of black and white, always blend perfectly and this is one reason why I share this room, is really my style, as I am to display outfits, clothes and accessories according to themes or ideas.

Furthermore, several months ago I captured this room, I think when 'THE LOFT' was released, which gave us the opportunity to buy parts of mannequins to make them like us want (THE BEST IDEA), Yildiz (Rojda32) shows us a very excellent job using mannequins, she manages to make a number of unique outfits and poses, really I love this idea, most sets in black with some silver details. Being all so simple, doesn't lose that touch of subtle and elegant. Congratulations to both and thank you for delighting my sight!

What do you think about of Ashley's designs and rooms? What is your favorite? Have you a room that want to share? Comment and give us your opinion.


  1. J'adore votre blog, est le meilleur.

  2. I love the interiors you chose, Luis! I am moving towards minimalist design too now, its easier to show off clothing, ect. I love this new type of post also. Can't wait to read more! :)