A Louis Vuitton Moment.

 After the 50% discount at sales, Film Theory said goodbye to most of their floors and released 2 new floors last week, full of high quality clothes (obviously not all of them are),  and especially the bags which are amazing. Good graphic details, I love the mixed environment with the magical train station, birds in cages and 9 3/4 Harry Potter Billboard, the Louis Vuitton A/W 2012 AD Campaign in the train station showed us a little bit of the 60's Fashion, which gives the impression of pure Glamour, which is in the air, the bags are my favorite pieces, but the prices are high and but think it's okay right now since the prices didn't seem a problem for the fashionistas; we spend a lot of stardollars to look good.

 I bought all bags and purses in total of 104 SD. I also bought the black dress and purple top. The suit with holographic patterns, I find it very chic and the leather coat is a must have in any fashionista's wardrobe Did you buy yours? As for the disasters, I think the heels are really ugly! and the valet pal's face is HORRIBLE! and some silhouettes don't fit properly.

What are your favorite pieces? Wich ones do you consider the most horrible?

Doll Opinion...

Pau.Cam.Arena: It's made ​​me a little child, the designs don't fit very well to the body of the doll and are clothes that are difficult to match, I just bought a pair of cropped pants and shoes, because otherwise are something exotic for my doll because I can't imagine how to wear. Louis Vuitton has had a much better season, but as always, Stardoll not design what we need.

JadaJane: I love the latest Film Theory floors they're giving us retro glam many of the clothing pieces remind me of 60's inspired looks and I think the bags are to die for in this recent Film theory collection. Very Mod and I love mod style.

¿Cuál es tú opinión sobre Film Theory? Share it with us in the comments.

From left to right: Eamonn (Fashionngirl.); Gaby (ggaaabbbbyyyyy); Jada (JadaJane2); Thilde (Moonlighthour); Valentina (ValentinaReal).

I have captured random outfits from members that wore items from the new Film Theory.
 Who has the best outfit? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Until the next entry & don't forget to give your feedback!

xx Luis

Co-Edited & Translated by Manolo


  1. A mi me gusto mucho esta tienda, me pareció genial que Stardoll recree una campaña publicitaria, y mas cuando la marca de la campaña es LV. No compre mucho por ahora, pero tengo pensado comprar algunas piezas mas.Valentina fue la que mas me gusto ♥, me encantan este tipo de post, son de lo mejor.

    1. Sí, es genial que usen marcas como Louis Vuitton!

  2. I like the patterns of this collection.
    Thilde has the best outfit for me :)

    1. I really like Thilde outfit too, the colors! *.*

  3. This collection was one of the better ones! The pink croc hatbox bag was just perfection! ♥

  4. Congrats for the amazing blog ! ♥

  5. Your blog is awesome! Thank you for including my doll in this feature for Film theory. I love the fact that the pieces within this collection are great for mixing and matching to make our own unique looks .. Thank you again and Best wishes with all that you do my dear friend..

    Lots of Love
    Jada xox (jadajane)

  6. This post is again fabulous! I liked this new collection by Film Theory. I really think that this shop want to introduce you in ''that time'', like the 80's or in the future. This collection was very fab! I fell in love with the bags,I think I'm going to buy one or two.

    Thank you for this amazing post,
    xoxo Ellen ( MissEllen79 )