#17 Birthday Cake

Antidote Web Necklace (Belt), White Bow Belt; Archive Gathered Pink Skirt; CHANEL Precious Pearl Belt (Necklace); Fudge 60's Heart Brooch (Belt); Killah Hot Bow (Belt); Perfect Day Pearl Veil (Top); Royalty Antoinette Trianon Shoes; Voile Pink Hairbrooch (Belt), Pink Tutu.

The last 19 February, was my birthday, to celebrate in stardoll, I made this outfit inspired by a birthday cake, something very fancy and childish, I loved. The heels are created with the same technique the last outfit (#16 TTT Awards) the interior pannels.

What do you think of my outfit? Comment and give me your opinion.

Until next post, kisses Luis!


  1. Wow, love it & reminds me of a a princess. very well done! : )

    x x x

  2. where can i get the pink skirt from?

  3. I love this blog and this look. Have you ever considered having somebody go over your translations. Sometimes it comes out a tad funny :)

  4. Omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH THis is the funniest shit ever.

    Sooooo gay.