Hot Buys Weekly Review

Hello, I've been busy with some personal issues, I have a job, I haven't much time to Stardoll, but I don't leaved altogether, in this post I'll give my opinion about the Hot Buys for this week!

I begin with the hits, the Mirror Skirt, I have visited some members and most were wearing this, below you can see some outfits that I captured, I really think that it's so Minnie Mouse and the details are very good especially in the waist & the little circle mirrors!

Second would be the Brooch Jacket have very good details and very good graphic quality, but the color is not much to my liking.

The Checkerboard Tights are another hit, black and white, very minimalist and easy to wear.

In the misses, first Beaded Heels, are really ugly, but I have bought it, I'm compulsive.

Medallion Clutch, is another blunder by not for the design, I want to mean the colors are very difficult to wear without devaluing the quality of the details.

Which one of these outfits do you like the most?
From left to right: Enrique (Alany456); Brigitte (Brigitte64); Isa (DiedunkleMaid); Juno (Junonuno); Dianna (Midnightmonkey6).

Who wore this skirt better? Did you like the Hot Buys this week? Share your opinion in the comments!

Untill the next entry & don't forget give us your feedback!

xoxo Luis


  1. Honestamente me parecieron los peores hb hasta el momento, excelente entrada (Y)

    1. Sí, creo que igual aunque las otras semanas igual tuvieron piezas fatales!

  2. a mi me encantaron de verdad compre todos!! menos la bolsa, porque, porque soy igual que tu compulsiva hahha x3

    1. HAHAHA muchas veces compramos por comprar, pero yo, por mi parte siempre busco la forma de usarlo o simplemente se queda acomulado en mi armario!