Fashion For The Masses

Stardoll is a place created for creative people. We decided to join this amazing site for a reason, of course, all of us have one reason in common, which is dressing our dolls with the most stylish clothes we can get at Starplaza, so it's no surprise that a lot of Dollies use Stardoll to unleash their creativity, either it is writing, decorating or doing sceneries, there's something that Stardoll created a couple of years ago to let emerging fashion designers design their own clothes and start their own small business. All of the passionate fashion designers fell in love with it, even though it had a lot of limitations at first, the now improved StarDesign is pretty much every designer dream to create their own clothing line.

That's why the StarDesign is widely considered as an amazing tool for the emerging fashion designers to create their own name in Stardoll's fashion industry, and isn't really easy these days. They're not necessarily fashion experts, they might not have a lot of acknowledge about business but I recognize the effort they dedicate to make their small business success and many of these young designers have proven to be leaders in innovation and design.

Who are they? How did they get to break into the Stardoll's Fashion Industry? remembers M by Marcela? The piooner brand created by the late Brasilian starblogger Marcela. For the Dollywood citizens this girl was an expert in creating the perfect atmosphere for her releases, keeping her number of collections and designs limited, her exclusive designs, especially her Maxi Dress got to be a must-have item for every Dolly's wardrobe. Back then her small business got be so famous that it became far her most succesful Fashion Empire. She even inspired other fashion entrepreneurs to create their clothing line, and show them at Stardoll Fashion Week.

Right now we have several talented designers that delight us with their beautiful creations and I took the time to search through Stardoll to find some emerging Fashion Designers. What are their inspiration? Where is it from?

Cecilia (Mery.-), one of my closet friend that has just started her new clothing line "Marie Mode", this is what she had to say about her inspiration...
"Well, nothing in particular inspired me but I've always wanted to do something like this...I wasn't pretty sure about it at first but my lovely friends encouraged me to finally do it..And that's all..Here I am, doing what I've been wanting to do for such a long time"

Even though nothing in particular inspires her, it's pretty obvious she has been getting inspired from Pop Art! for her newest designs.

How sustainable can be a clothing line? What's secret for success?

The sustainability of a clothing line in Stardoll is really important for Designers who want to succed in Stardoll's Fashion Industry but it's not easy and many dreamers made the attempt to get their designs succesful. Some of them succeed and some failed. I personally asked one of my dearest friends and important fashion designer Luis Kingdom (laia_fergusson_) about the sustainability of his clothing line and this is what he had to say...

"I believe this enables us all often acquire exclusive brilliant and innovative designs, which are diverse and adapted to many styles, prints and patterns have always keeping up with fashion, so all of the designers (on Stardoll) are always being reinvented to have a sustainable clothing line."

And about the secret of his succesful brand?
"The secret to success is always reinventing ourselves and not stay with the same designs, as well as in real life, designers reinvent their brands and create new collections, ensuring the success of their name, and it's the same in stardoll, if want to succeed, you should always offer new and beautiful designs."

Looking through Stardoll I also found another emerging designer, and I totally fell in love with it. It's b.acuner and you should check her out! have to confess that I'm such a big fan of Stardoll's innovative emerging designers, although I'm very picky with what I buy, I've purchased a lot of beautiful designs from really amazing fashion designers and I thought it would be cool to show you my must-have picks...

I love and totally support every young designer who wants to succeed in Stardoll's Fashion Industry and Luis totally feels the same about this, so we have something in mind to celebrate Fashion Designers and give them a moment to show their talent and we feel it should be made in a big way. That's something you'll get to know soon...

But now I'd love to hear comments about your favorite Stardoll's Fashion Designers. Do you purchase their designs? Do you support their work? What do you think about Stardoll-based clothing lines?

Give us your feedback!