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Luis: Oh I don't like that headpiece, I like the dress but her hair steal the attention and we can't appreciate the detail of the neck, the shoes are okay & I think she needed a clutch in black or red for have color.

Manolo: I think she looks sexy, I really like this look but I think the hat was unnecessary. I appreciate she wanted to go modern and dark. This is definitely a HIT! I agree with you about the handbag, I love her lipstick by the way.


Luis: Beautiful outfit but I'd look another jacket, I love the heels & I don't know where is your purse!! HAHAHAHA is a must have to have a purse! It would be perfect in red (Purse).


Luis: Electric blue is not one of my favorite colors, but Angie wore an appropriate outfit for the occasion, the cardigan it's not necessary and I'd look for other shoes that match with the purse, maybe silver or blue!

Manolo: I have mixed feelings about this look, even though the shoes are beautiful, they don't match with the dress and jacket, I don't like the clutch for this outfit, the dress is really cute. Nice try!


Luis: We have another outfit in electric blue, I like but isn't my favorite color, I love the clutch but had used maybe only one maybe black with matching heels that are great! the necklace it's not necessary, I feel it is too much with the dress! Nice try.

Manolo: I love her dress, she matched everything perfectly, but I hate the little blue clutch, it was unnecessary. I wish she could have used a little bit more of make-up. Smoky eyes, maybe?


Manolo: It was such a cute detail from this girl to emulate a look from the Resort Collection I made back in 2010. I think it was a really good made dress and she looks lovely.

Luis: Yes, She wore this dress... she knew the event! I think that was very good idea and very talented girl! 


Luis: I like this outfit, it's inevitable to see it and don't think that She's whore with money! But it would take off the glasses and earrings! I feel like dont match and it's enough with the hat!

Manolo: I don't get it, sunglasses are amazing in summer and the black tights are such a hot trend for fall. BUT YOU CAN'T MATCH THEM. This is sorta like a hot mess. She just needed to remove the hat, the sunglasses and she might have looked ok.


Luis:Sincerely another outfit that I loved, I love so siemple makes her look fabulous, sapphire necklace adds a touch of elegance, and Alexander McQueen heels though are somewhat abrupt, I think they're in match with the outfit, shows another way to wear the same dress but still wear it perfectly! A TOTAL HIT!

Manolo: I really like the dress, it's lovely and pure. But I hate the shoes. Actually those pair of shoes are in my black list because they're so ugly. I even like the necklace, just NOT THE SHOES. Good job, though.


Luis: A very good job but I think it looks very casual, I love the detail of the neck, and the combination of colors! The black and white are always perfect! Good work!

Manolo: I love this look, so minimalistic and edgy at the same time. Maybe the skirt was a little bit too high? Almost perfection but I still consider this was a total HIT!


Luis: I love his coat, and as I said before, pearls always give a chic touch to any outfit, I do not like white heels for me are so ordinary, and where is the damn clutch? The makeup, think that red lips would have been perfect!

Manolo: Simple, effortless, minimalistic. It looks okay.


Luis: I'm just in love with this outfit, I love the sleeves with gold accents, all she needs is a purse! Oh tell me where do you save the cigarettes, bitch? Ahahaha shoes are perfect and I love the detail of kitty ears!

Manolo: I actually like this one, it's interesting to see. I'm just not sure about the shoes to be honest. The make-up is really beautiful but she should have picked another hairstyle, I just don't like this one, a pixie cut, maybe? Nevertheless, she did a really good job.


Manolo: I love it, it looks effortless and she looks so good!

Luis: I love the colors, the makeup is fantastic! but I think so many girl have problem with the clutches?


Luis: I love her monochromatic outfit with small color blocks, She followed the peplum trend! Very good choice, I love it.

Manolo: I really like this one, she did a really good job. I love the mix of black with pink and yellow. But she didn't need the Louboutin handbag. This was a HIT!


Manolo: I think she looks good overall I don't think she needed that hangbag. I think it was appropiated for the fashion show. Good try!

Luis: I really love the skirt and gold details like the belt, but the shoes and the top, is a total miss, I'd change the white top for a black one seems to do everything as a dress! Keep this in mind for the next time!


Luis: I loved this outfit, the combination of gold and nude color is perfect, the hair is ideal because it has too much volume on the top, I agree with Manolo, because she has two purses!? Well, it seems like a spectacular outfit.

Manolo: I sorta like this outfit, I just think the gold bra was unnecessary, and what about the plastic clutch with the Chanel hangbag? Was Enrique high? But I think he did great.


Luis: Flawless, I love this outfit, looks very elegant but I think that is spectacular, the hair is gorgeous, I think the mistake would be the shoes! Had sought a red & without so many belts!

Manolo: I like this one but I'm not sure about the long train. But overall I think she looked really good!

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