Dioguardi Fashion Show: Disasters and Misses


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Luis: Oh please if you are going to wear a suit (jacket and pants) that match, if the jacket or pants have a pattern, the other part should to be in a solid color and no jewelry or embroidery.

Manolo: This outfit is so confusing, I know she wanted to go edgy but it didn't work. The jacket has too many colors, and it doesn't match with the pants, which are really cute. And next time she should pick a better pair oh heels, we're in 2013, there's millions of heels in Stardoll, and these surely the less attractive.


Luis: This outfit, the truth I don't like, the colors don't match and don't understand why you are using two belts! The earrings and bracelet are informal pieces, the top would has been better in white or silver and with matching accessories!

Manolo: She looks lovely but not fabulous, somehow I don't think she did good matching the dress with the shoes, I don't like the shoes, I hate the bracelet and the earrings. In general, I think she should have removed the handbag, the earrings and the bracelet; and of course she should have picked a better pair of heels. She tried and I don't think she looks horrible but she could have done better.


Luis: This outfit has several things I like, the Moschino top is cute, looks spectacular with pencil type skirt, I would exchange the belt, I think it is too much with the yellow top, would wear a simple purse and change the boots for heels! I think the hair is very simple and the earrings are perfect!

Manolo: I HATE THE BOOTS, It doesn't match with anything, I don't get the belt either. The color mix isn't good. She should have picked a clutch for the. Also, not everything is about clothes and accessories but also about make-up and hair. Her make-up was totally appropriate but not her hair. Nice try, though!


Manolo: This is a fail, I'm sorry. I actually appreciate the fact she picked beautiful pieces but there's one problem sweetheart... THEY DON'T MATCH. I think she could have removed the earrings, jackets and change those killer shoes for a silver ones.

Luis: I do not like mismatched earrings, just exchange her hair, I feel it's very simple, and exchange the shoes for a few chords to the occasion these shoes are too informal! Also would look for a nice portfolio in Starplaza!


Luis: I like this skirt, but not this time, I don't know who has more volume if the skirt or the hair; I'd use a short hair, the collar vs belt for the attention, I'd look sandal heels & not black, maybe a beige which would force me to change the purse with the same tone.

Manolo: This skirt isn't easy to wear, and I don't know if she tried to emulate the real life version of the Lanvin look but I dislike it a lot, TOO MUCH BLACK, she should have picked a simple but beautiful pair of heels and there's a lot of them at the Starplaza and Bazaar. The handbag and the hat are unnecessary. FAIL! She has a beautiful face, though.


Luis: Truth isn't new for me, think it was a total mistake to wear something that someone already wore! I had seen the same beautifull dress on Beluchiitaa (BRA'13) EPIC FAIL addition a total blunder use those red heels.

Manolo: She looks so good, I just have a problem, who told you it's a rule to match your red lips with red heels? IT'S ABSURD. If Taylor Swift did that everytime she wears Red lipstick everyone would make fun of her shoes. You could have used a silver pair of heels and Voilah!


Manolo: I like her outfit, I just don't like the handbag and scarf, but apart of that, she looks amazing.

Luis: Really love this idea, but I'm agree with Manolo I'd remove the scarf, and exchange the clutch.


Manolo: I think it's really boring, I love black but I think it was too much, maybe she could have picked a pink pair of heels so she could have contrasted the black dress.

Luis: I'm agree with Manolo, was a Fashion Show, no a funeral, I love the fur, but the outfit would be complete with a pink heels or with a pink clutch! that match with the earrings and the lips but I don't think that was a total miss.



Some of the people who attended the show was a little bit lost. It was a FASHION SHOW,
 not a Starbucks meeting with your friends!

Next time, read the fashion tag!

Antoinenina, Diamondz_123, Gdueine, Helo_reis, Mateotkd, Nancy_starDiva, Twilight.gleek, Martinuca, Paloma_antonia, Smilearub, Somania49Ivory, Sammygirl280, SushiPillow.
Luis: Honestly WHAT THE FUCK? Perhaps they thought that would go for a coffee at Starbucks, we're talking about a Fashion Show, do not go out with your friends, unfortunately a TOTAL DISASTER!

Sorry Barbies! :c

Another disaster of the event were Danielladaisyxx and GirlyKatie999 OH MY GOD!, are the event a Barbie Convention? Sorry, both were misses.


Manolo: WHY GOD, WHY? She totally messed up the outfit inspired by Taylor Momsen with that hair. Such a shame!


Manolo: MY EYES, MY EYES! I can't comment on this, sorry.
Luis: I don't have words for describe this. The shoes and the pantyhose are very horrible!


Manolo: I hope she has a lot work tonight, she will look appealing for a lot of dudes out there.


Luis: I only have a word for describe this outfit, HORRIBLE!

Manolo: FAIL!

Manolo: She must be thinking "Does red lipstick make me look like an alley cat?". Paws Up!

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  1. Well, I though the best "Disaster" Was Diana738, she did a pretty good job. You guys are just making people feel bad.

    1. Dear, if the people dont want receive bad critiques, pls, don't say "I want" :D

  2. i dont mind my outfit was awsome and you are not the ones to criticise it

  3. this Balletchic2000 WOW! wat u said :(