Dioguardi Fashion Show: The Best Dressed

Before we begin, I want to clarify that we had many misses, but amazing hits; we haven't selected to everybody because they were many, I hope that you have fun and accept the criticism! and I'm really excited to read your opinion on the comments.


Here we have a small recopilation of the best dressed of the event


Manolo: I love it, I love, I love it so much. She looks beautiful, the whole combination is just perfection! Is she the Red Carpet Queen? We'll see...

Luis: I’m agree with you Manolo, I love this combination of black and gold! His doll looks like a goddess, I love the tailhem skirt! 



Luis: Another of my favorites! A shirt with volume and a pencil skirt, the perfect combination, love the colors and the look is complete with a clear Fendi clutch, I'd use a nude color shoes because I don't like much, but they are not a mistake. Very good job Brenny.

Manolo: I love this look so much, it's modern, avant-garde and appropiated for the occasion. I love the shoes so much, they're really edgy. I think Bren did an amazing job, this totally a HIT!


Luis: The truth She did a very good job with the dress, makes it looks like one piece, I just love it, the only thing that would change would be the heels, I feel that the black is out in this outfit, the earrings are perfect and the makeup too! Definitely her dress was a hit!

Manolo: I think she looks amazing, I love silver, it's one of my favorite trends and she totally nailed it, and again, it looks effortless. I love the way way she combined the dress with the silver skirt and belt, and that Chanel bag is one of my favorite pieces. This is totally a HIT!



Luis: She looks like the typical girl who attends the fashion show! Love your outfit, and the colors, the detail in gold heels and her Hermes Birkin bag! SIMPLY I LOVE THIS!

Manolo: She looks so good, she looks like a rich girl that loves going to fashion shows. I love the glamorous jacket, and the birkin bag is the piece that made the outfit perfection. This is totally a HIT!


Luis: Simply chic, love this outfit as such, the only thing I would change is that little black belt, I feel that the outfit is white and the belt looks like a stain, but that doesn't prevent the dress is a hit, the shoes a very good choice and I think the trend is still very peplum in this season, I love the detail of the pearls and lace add a touch of sophistication and finesse. LOVELY!

Manolo: Perfection, Perfection, Perfection! I love everything from head to toe. Her whole look looks effortless and she totally nailed it!


Who was the best? You can choose the winners in the poll!
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  1. Quite frank, I only liked AislinVictory and Mery-.'s outfits. The others don't seem to follow the attire at all.