Bizou Wild Faux Feather; Couture Tribute Black Boots; Fallen Angel Studded Belt; Glam'rus Accuracy Cuff Necklace; Kazia's Design blouse: Limited Edition Rose Print Tunic, Steampunk Platforms, Two Tone Sheer Tight; Miss Sixty Black Hairband; Mortal Kiss Sheer Maxi Skir; Tingeling Feathered Spike Mask; Voile Precious Rhinestone Crown.

11/02/2010 :c

I wanted to make a tribute to Alexander McQueen magnificent and remembered, three years after his death, his talent and his daring designs never forget and their brand continues its seal and the beginning! This outfit reminds me of winter last fall, feathers and a spectacular silver visors! 

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Until next post, kisses Luis!