Hot Buys Weekly Review

Hello, I've been busy with some personal issues, I have a job, I haven't much time to Stardoll, but I don't leaved altogether, in this post I'll give my opinion about the Hot Buys for this week!

Fashion For The Masses

Stardoll is a place created for creative people. We decided to join this amazing site for a reason, of course, all of us have one reason in common, which is dressing our dolls with the most stylish clothes we can get at Starplaza, so it's no surprise that a lot of Dollies use Stardoll to unleash their creativity, either it is writing, decorating or doing sceneries, there's something that Stardoll created a couple of years ago to let emerging fashion designers design their own clothes and start their own small business. All of the passionate fashion designers fell in love with it, even though it had a lot of limitations at first, the now improved StarDesign is pretty much every designer dream to create their own clothing line.

That's why the StarDesign is widely considered as an amazing tool for the emerging fashion designers to create their own name in Stardoll's fashion industry, and isn't really easy these days. They're not necessarily fashion experts, they might not have a lot of acknowledge about business but I recognize the effort they dedicate to make their small business success and many of these young designers have proven to be leaders in innovation and design.

Who are they? How did they get to break into the Stardoll's Fashion Industry? remembers M by Marcela? The piooner brand created by the late Brasilian starblogger Marcela. For the Dollywood citizens this girl was an expert in creating the perfect atmosphere for her releases, keeping her number of collections and designs limited, her exclusive designs, especially her Maxi Dress got to be a must-have item for every Dolly's wardrobe. Back then her small business got be so famous that it became far her most succesful Fashion Empire. She even inspired other fashion entrepreneurs to create their clothing line, and show them at Stardoll Fashion Week.

Right now we have several talented designers that delight us with their beautiful creations and I took the time to search through Stardoll to find some emerging Fashion Designers. What are their inspiration? Where is it from?

Cecilia (Mery.-), one of my closet friend that has just started her new clothing line "Marie Mode", this is what she had to say about her inspiration...
"Well, nothing in particular inspired me but I've always wanted to do something like this...I wasn't pretty sure about it at first but my lovely friends encouraged me to finally do it..And that's all..Here I am, doing what I've been wanting to do for such a long time"

Even though nothing in particular inspires her, it's pretty obvious she has been getting inspired from Pop Art! for her newest designs.

How sustainable can be a clothing line? What's secret for success?

The sustainability of a clothing line in Stardoll is really important for Designers who want to succed in Stardoll's Fashion Industry but it's not easy and many dreamers made the attempt to get their designs succesful. Some of them succeed and some failed. I personally asked one of my dearest friends and important fashion designer Luis Kingdom (laia_fergusson_) about the sustainability of his clothing line and this is what he had to say...

"I believe this enables us all often acquire exclusive brilliant and innovative designs, which are diverse and adapted to many styles, prints and patterns have always keeping up with fashion, so all of the designers (on Stardoll) are always being reinvented to have a sustainable clothing line."

And about the secret of his succesful brand?
"The secret to success is always reinventing ourselves and not stay with the same designs, as well as in real life, designers reinvent their brands and create new collections, ensuring the success of their name, and it's the same in stardoll, if want to succeed, you should always offer new and beautiful designs."

Looking through Stardoll I also found another emerging designer, and I totally fell in love with it. It's b.acuner and you should check her out! have to confess that I'm such a big fan of Stardoll's innovative emerging designers, although I'm very picky with what I buy, I've purchased a lot of beautiful designs from really amazing fashion designers and I thought it would be cool to show you my must-have picks...

I love and totally support every young designer who wants to succeed in Stardoll's Fashion Industry and Luis totally feels the same about this, so we have something in mind to celebrate Fashion Designers and give them a moment to show their talent and we feel it should be made in a big way. That's something you'll get to know soon...

But now I'd love to hear comments about your favorite Stardoll's Fashion Designers. Do you purchase their designs? Do you support their work? What do you think about Stardoll-based clothing lines?

Give us your feedback!


Bizou Wild Faux Feather; Couture Tribute Black Boots; Fallen Angel Studded Belt; Glam'rus Accuracy Cuff Necklace; Kazia's Design blouse: Limited Edition Rose Print Tunic, Steampunk Platforms, Two Tone Sheer Tight; Miss Sixty Black Hairband; Mortal Kiss Sheer Maxi Skir; Tingeling Feathered Spike Mask; Voile Precious Rhinestone Crown.

11/02/2010 :c

I wanted to make a tribute to Alexander McQueen magnificent and remembered, three years after his death, his talent and his daring designs never forget and their brand continues its seal and the beginning! This outfit reminds me of winter last fall, feathers and a spectacular silver visors! 

What do you think of my outfit ? Comment and give me your opinion.
Until next post, kisses Luis!

Are You Ready For CAPITAL GLAM?

What a better way to start off this year, after releasing my last collection for Dioguardi, I felt I had the need to start a new journey and live new experiences, and writing is something I've been thinking about for a long time. The oportunity finally came and I'm really excited to bring you the latest fashion reports and more.


It's the center of the world, the global fashion leader, the core of all the emerging designers, fashion dollies and extravagant events. Yes, that's what we call "Dollywood", a place with more than 200 Million virtual citizens that live in this virtual city and usually have a broad mix of business, fashion, entertainment and culture. But it's certain that Dollywood have suffered a lot of changes over the years, some good and some bad. First the good changes. Over the years Stardoll tried to diversify its fashion district with the addition of high fashion stores, luxury stores that we know as "Tributes", which had a good acceptation from the Dollywood citizens and achieved many aficionados that became collecting these highly valued items, including myself. It was such a good strategy from Stardoll to keep its citizens spending thousands of Stardollars and keep up their interest in purchasing luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, just to name a few. Also, Stardoll decided to launch a new store with the same but succesfull LE formula called "Young Hollywood" with high-end limited garments worn by recognized Hollywood stars such as the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins, Miley Cyrus, Alexa Chung and others.

Also, what about the Limited Edition brand? Called by Stardoll as the "LE Brand For Fashion Leaders who set the trends that others follow". The first LE collection had such a high level of quality that it quickly became a brand in high demand that it reached the point to becoming a symbol of exclusiveness for the wealthiests dollies. That's a reason of why rare items as the Motorcycle Jacket and the rest are highly valued. Since the first LE collection couldn't cope with the high demand, Stardoll had the need to release more LE collections and launch a more affordable line but keeping it limited, named "Antidote", which turned out to be another hit for Stardoll's trayectory.

Still not satisfied with their profits, Stardoll reached another level with a collaboration with "the world's most beloved and exquisite department store", Harrods. It brought a range of cheaper but not less fabulous luxury brands. Which ones am I talking about? I'm talking about Chloé, Roberto Cavalli, Young Versace and others. But apparently this move didn't have such an impact on the real brand aficionados as the Tribute Stores, but I could be wrong, it justs depends on your opinions and tastes.

Stardoll in its eagerness to fill the virtual capital of fashion with more and more stores, they thought it would be a good idea to bring the latest addition to the fashion district with, Scandinavia's number one online fashion retailer which I'm a huge fan of, this new store got mostly good criticism from Stardoll's fashion lovers. For the record, now the Stardoll Staff is planning to launch an exclusive store only for the Royal Members. This sounds very interesting to me, however, I can't wait to hear what the non-royal members will say about this.

When it comes to the bad changes, the biggest part of Dollywood's population thinks the worst decision that Stardoll could have made was making RC items and Lottery Dresses non sellable except for a few. But I'm not getting into details because I'll be doing a special post about this controversial topic in the future.

 Also, what are your expectations on my new column CAPITAL GLAM!?


I haven't posted some days ago, I was busy working to Trendy Magazine, in a few days you will see the result. It will be amazing!

 In this post, I present the winners of the best dressed of Dioguardi's Fashion Show, CONGRATULATIONS to Aislin (AislinVictory) She won 150 Stardollars, Scarlett (Starlett24) in second place won 80 Stardollars and Brenny (Sasha.Star) in third place won 50 Stardollars. I want to thank to all participants, voters and readers. 

By the way soon Luis Kingdom will bring new developments! stay tuned.
Until next entry, kisses! Luis

#13 Divine Design


Antidote Zebra Hot Pocket Skirt; DVF Holiday Tribute Silver Chain Bracelet; ELLE Belted Girly Tee; Le Specs Crater Cat; Limited Edition Pink Clear Clutch; Marie Mode I *Mickey* NY Tee; Sky Ring; Pretty n' Love Hot Buys Skirt; Rio Cher Cap; Tingeling Santo Domingo Wedges.

Hello Readers, you can find this and others amazing designs by Marie Mode on Mery.-'s bazaar. 

What do you think of my outfit and of the amazing design? Comment and give me your opinion.
Until next post, kisses!

xxxo Luis

#12 The Mintpower

Chanel CC Gold Necklace; Limited Edition Pearl Cat Eye Shades, Circle Sash Belt and Multi Layer Party Skirt; Special Offer London 2012 Purse; Sonia Rykiel Emerald Bustier; St Trinians RudeGirl Chainlink Necklace; Velvet Orchid Studded Stilettos.

What do you think of my outfit? Comment and give me your opinion.  
Until next post, kisses!

xxxo Luis

#11 British Love!

Bizou Printed Short Tee and Hot Buys Vest; Evil Panda Bracelet w/ Studs and Bilmey Bag; Limited Edition Sunnies On The Go, Half Lace Leggings and Blue Multi Strap Ankle Boots; Sonia Rykiel Lip Belt; Tingeling Joker Hat.

Now, you can review our outfits and give your opinions!

Mint power!

We have gave an opinion about their outfits from Dioguardi's Fashion Show, now you can review our outfits and give your opinions!
What do you think?! Share your opinion in the comments!

xxxo Luis

Dioguardi Fashion Show: The Best Dressed

Before we begin, I want to clarify that we had many misses, but amazing hits; we haven't selected to everybody because they were many, I hope that you have fun and accept the criticism! and I'm really excited to read your opinion on the comments.


Here we have a small recopilation of the best dressed of the event


Manolo: I love it, I love, I love it so much. She looks beautiful, the whole combination is just perfection! Is she the Red Carpet Queen? We'll see...

Luis: I’m agree with you Manolo, I love this combination of black and gold! His doll looks like a goddess, I love the tailhem skirt! 



Luis: Another of my favorites! A shirt with volume and a pencil skirt, the perfect combination, love the colors and the look is complete with a clear Fendi clutch, I'd use a nude color shoes because I don't like much, but they are not a mistake. Very good job Brenny.

Manolo: I love this look so much, it's modern, avant-garde and appropiated for the occasion. I love the shoes so much, they're really edgy. I think Bren did an amazing job, this totally a HIT!


Luis: The truth She did a very good job with the dress, makes it looks like one piece, I just love it, the only thing that would change would be the heels, I feel that the black is out in this outfit, the earrings are perfect and the makeup too! Definitely her dress was a hit!

Manolo: I think she looks amazing, I love silver, it's one of my favorite trends and she totally nailed it, and again, it looks effortless. I love the way way she combined the dress with the silver skirt and belt, and that Chanel bag is one of my favorite pieces. This is totally a HIT!



Luis: She looks like the typical girl who attends the fashion show! Love your outfit, and the colors, the detail in gold heels and her Hermes Birkin bag! SIMPLY I LOVE THIS!

Manolo: She looks so good, she looks like a rich girl that loves going to fashion shows. I love the glamorous jacket, and the birkin bag is the piece that made the outfit perfection. This is totally a HIT!


Luis: Simply chic, love this outfit as such, the only thing I would change is that little black belt, I feel that the outfit is white and the belt looks like a stain, but that doesn't prevent the dress is a hit, the shoes a very good choice and I think the trend is still very peplum in this season, I love the detail of the pearls and lace add a touch of sophistication and finesse. LOVELY!

Manolo: Perfection, Perfection, Perfection! I love everything from head to toe. Her whole look looks effortless and she totally nailed it!


Who was the best? You can choose the winners in the poll!
(It will be closed the next monday)