January Hot Buys!

The January Hot Buys have been realeased, I'll expose my opinion about the items 
that Stardoll got in store for us this month.

Los Hot Buys de Enero han sido lanzados, daré mi opinión acerca de los objetos que 
Stardoll tiene para nosotros en las tiendas este mes.

As usual, Stardoll offers some horrible Hot Buys for this month, following the success of Nelly.com (basic and very wearable clothes); we hope that next month Stardoll will present pretty and good quality Hot Buys.

Hits: I think the strengths of this month were very few, the Off Shoulder Cardi (It Girls), the Skater Dress
, Rouge Snap Belt (both from Bizou) I love they are very basic, which facilitates us how to wear them , Perpex Purse (RIO), Citron Rubber Boots (It Girls).

Misses: These were HORRIBLE for me, Punchy Perspex Tote (Pretty n'Love) looks cheap, Boots Dark Angel (Fallen Angel) would have been better in one color, Mosaic Crochet Dress (Original Future) is unwearable, but later I'll show you an outfit that wears it, Fedora Rouge (It Girls) I do not like much the color, Teal Wrap Bangle (Evil Panda).

What do you think of the January Hot Buys? What did you like and what didn't? Have you made any outfit wearing one of the Hot Buys that have come out? Share your opinion and your outfits with us in the comments.

Como de costumbre, Stardoll nos ofrece unos Hot Buys Horriblespara este mes, tras el éxito de Nelly.com (prendas básicas y muy usables), esperamos que para el próximo mes nos presenten Hot Buys de buena calidad y bonitos.

Aciertos: Creo que los aciertos de este mes fueron muy pocos, la Off Shoulder Cardi (It Girls), el Skater Dress , Rouge Snap Belt (ambos Bizou) me encantaron ya que son muy básicos, lo que nos facilita la forma de usarlos, Perpex Purse (RIO), Citron Rubber Boots (It Girls).

Desaciertos: Estos fueron HORRIBLES para mí, Punchy Perspex Tote (Pretty n'Love) se ve barata, Dark Angel Boots (Fallen Angel) hubiesen sido mejor en un solo color, Crochet Mosaic Dress (Original Future) es muy inusable, aunque más adelante les mostraré un atuendo que lo usa, Rouge Fedora (It Girls) no me agrada mucho por el color, Teal Wrap Bangle (Evil Panda).

¿Qué opinas de los Hot Buys de Enero? Cuáles te gustaron y cuáles no? ¿Has hecho algún atuendo usando uno 
de los Hot Buys que han salido? Comparte tu opinión y tus atuendos con nosotros en los comentarios.

xxxo Luis

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