Here's the whole collection I hope you like it! and give me your opinion in the comments.
 (All designs here, are created by me, 100% orginal and I hope no body copy it, please be creative and original)

Click each image to enlarge and see the details!


Click each image to enlarge and see the details!

Team members: Luis/Laia_Fergusson_

Models: Adela (A.d.a.1234), Alex (Pau.Cam.Arena), Ashley (Ashley_Doggett), Cecilia (Mery.-), Elena (Gktkmk), JB (Laurenboy), Jomi (Illuminasty), Juno (Junonuno), Kasia (Tlen), Linda (Elite-girl), Marina (Qwertu456) and Scarlett (Starlett24). (Alphabetic order)


I am happy to announce that Dioguardi is back this season. After "The Last Manifesto", the last and only Dioguardi collection created by Manolo (Manolo.DiCicco), it is time to introduce a new era; this season, colors like red, black, white, gold or nude take over the runway. The whole collection is inspired by royal highness, as well as iconic characters such as Cruella De Vil (Fur, animal prints, hairstyling…). There are plenty of graceful yet sexy dresses, especially considering Dioguardi's previous collections. I have tried to keep the original essence of the brand, adding my personal touch and my ideas.

Until next post, Luis x

Dioguardi's back!

This Friday will kick off one of the most anticipated events of the year, TTT's Fashion Week. I'm presenting my first Dioguardi F/W collection, which you are oficially invited to. In this post, you can submit your outfit to appear in the Best Dressed List, don't forget to go according to the dress code, which is Avant-Garde and Haute Couture, and obviously, the first places are getting a beautiful gift and a short review for each look.

For more informacion about schedules and other events, don't forget to read the official post at TTT!

Until next post, kisses Luis ❤

# 26 Masterpiece

Limited Edition LE Logo Hot Yellow Thin Belt *
Limited Edition High Waisted Shorts
Nelly.com Sky Ring
RIO Cher Cap *
RIO Lime Night Satchel *
Voodo Couture Picasso Inspired Face Tee
Young Hollywood Wing Heels


" * " = Bazaar

Voodo Couture

After a week full of scandals, victims and hackers, my account being closed down, the release of a new Limited Edition collection and all this...I'm here again, remarking the talent of Stardoll’s members, I had the pleasure to meet Silvia (Xx_VoodoDoll_xX) a few days ago, she’s friendly and definitely talented. Before I met her, I visited her suite, and I was just speechless by her outfits, her originality and that touch of extravaganza that always catches my attention. Her first designs were geometric patterns, created in bright colors as yellow and even red are beautiful, after I noticed she had created new designs, that’s when I started to call Silvia’s clothing line “Voodo Couture”. Most of her designs are mainly inspired by famous artists as Picasso. In my opinion, my favorite design was Hindu Deity, but the rest were amazing as well. I have bought many of her creations, although I have just worn one of them. I will show you the outfit later. Moreover, I love her sense of fashion, she’s different and unique and I adore that. I invite you to visit her suite and bazaar, she’s always reinventing herself. I want to congratulate her for entering the list of the 10th hottest designs with her yellow shirt.

Congrats and I wish the best for Silvia. You can find a short interview that I did to her below the picture, so you can get to know her a bit more.

Silvia's Doll.

Hey Silvia! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi Luis! First of all, thank you very much for this opportunity, I really admire you and everything you do! So what can I say about me? I'm a 18 year old girl from Spain and I love art since I can remember. That's what I always try to transmit through stardoll.

What/Who inspires your designs?

Definitely art.

Do you have interest in designing outside Stardoll?

Yes, yes, yes! Designing my own clothes would be just amazing. However, pursuing a career in fashion is not what I have in mind for my future.

Do you have any advice for the young designers?

Just be yourselves and think big. And don't give up. When I first started designing, my creations were a total disaster and, even though I still have a lot to learn, my designs have noticeably improved. So don't throw in the towel. If you keep on practicing, you will do better for sure!

Thanks for letting me interview you Silvia!

Click here to visit Silvia (Xx_VoodoDoll_xX on Stardoll)!

Do you like her designs?
Feel free to buy/request some designs if yuo like on her bazaar/guestbook!
Until next post, kisses Luis.

#25 Can I be your Lady?

GUCCI Black Gilded Rococo Clutch *
Nelly.com Free People Medallion Dress
Velvet Orchid Lace Arms Jacket
VOILE Holiday Boutique Midnight Embroidered Ballgown *


" * " = Bazaar
A lot of time out, sorry readers, I've been very busy lately, I hope you understand, I'm developing several projects, they'll be presented in coming days. This lookbook entry show in detail the dress that I wore some weeks ago, inspired by Met Ball.

What do you think about this outfit? 
Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments and have a nice start of week!

Until next post, kisses Luis.

Met Gala 2013

The biggest night in fashion got punk'd this Monday as a tribute to the latest themed exhibition called "Punk: Chaos to Couture" that it's going to be released on May 9th. This was probably one of the best MET Galas in the last few years for making the stars go eccentric and different with their different high-end couture creations. Some of them tried or at least pretended they got punk'd, some them failed, some did succeed and others didn't really pay attention to this powerful theme that influenced several relevant fashion designers as Riccardo Tisci, Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui and others...

We were at Met Ball with our themed outfits!


Stardoll surprised us by releasing two MET Gala inspired looks the day after, one wore by the queen of pop and fashion icon Madonna (which owned the theme and the place) designed by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy while the other one was wore by Blake Lively, a Gucci Première strapless gown, her hips smothered in feathered embroidery.

(Image Source: Vogue)
I really don't like Stardoll versions (Always ruining everything) obviously the real versions are amazing. The Stardoll team did it with different colors and textures. Gucci's gown was okay I don't like the necklace detail also It doesn't fit the doll's silhouette, it makes it look large the same with the tights, I don't like the color of the Stilettos and the Jacket looks cheap. 

A new collection for Young Hollywood is coming soon, what do you think? 
What do you think about our outfits!?

Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Until next post, Kisses. Manolo & Luis


ELLE Bronze Chainlink Belt; GIVENCHY TRIBUTE Maximum Security Belt, Owner Necklace and Shackle Cuffs (Letf and Right); Junior GAULTIER Leopard Print Leggins; Limited Edition Bangled Opera Gloves; RIO Faux Leopard Vest, Hot Buys Shoes and Spotted Bag; Special Offer Summer Highshoes.


A perfect outfit inspired by Ruby Rhod, very fierce, SUPER GREEEEN!! I love the platforms and obviously the animal prints, GIVENCHY Accesories complete the outfit. By the way readers I'll be posting as I can.

What do you think about this outfit? 
Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments and have a nice start of week!

Until next post, kisses Luis.

DIVA: Grace Jones

On April 20, I was attending to The Critics party, we should attend dressed as a Hollywood celebrity/diva! 
I was inspired by Grace Jones singer, actress and model, a fashion icon, which I love! What do you think about my outfit? Very soon, you will see the other outfits of the attendees to this fabulous party on The Critics Blog!
At the moment is closed down, we are working in some changes.

Until next post, kisses Luis.

#23 Lovely Lace

Archive Finger Rocked Ring, Gold Cross and Taupe Envelope Clutch; CHANEL TRIBUTE CC Gold Necklace; FRONT ROW See Through Flower Print Top;
 IT GIRLS High Waisted Skirt and Mary Kate Jacket; RIO Hot Buys Heels + DOTT Nude Pumps.


Another outfit, this time more girly and lovely wearing a lace top, witha pencil high waisted skirt, wearing that Mary Katy Jacket that's so gurnge I love how it match with another simpel detail, the chains and the gorgeous pumps.


What do you think about this outfit?

Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post dear readers! See you x Luis 

#22 So wild so animal

Bratz Black Hat; DECADES Vreeland Jacket (Sleeves); EVIL PANDA Limited Leopard Bag; Fallen Angel Silver Cross and Gloves; Killah Brick Lane Jacket; LIMITED EDITION Bling Leopard Moto Jacket; NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD TRIBUTE Red Metal Heels; PPQ Kitten Black Cap; RIO Red Eyes Dress.


Fierce and cutie! New day, a new outfit, I love this hair that I designed (Graphic), the Jacket is a mix in of three objects, red dress with leopard print, a stylish handbag and leather heels, the hat is perfect, with small kitten ears that are trend! lace gloves are very 80's It's make me remind Madonna!

Do you like this outfit? What do you think about this fabulous hair!?
Share your opinion with us in the comments! 
Until next post dear readers! See you x Luis 

#21 21st Century Dollywood's Diva

CHANEL TRIBUTE White Clasp Shoulder Purse; DVF HOLIDAY TRIBUTE Silver Chain Bracelets; MISS60 White Rock Fake Fur;  
LIMITED EDITION Mint Iridiscent Dress; Pretty n' Love Silver Shimmer Heels; SPECIAL OFFER Summer Big Metal Earrings; VOILE Ferri Top.

I really love this outfit, it takes me back to the times of Hollywood glamour with divas like Marilyn Monroe, I embody her spirit in a 21st century version, I back in time and remain as a diva, wearing a fabulous mint dress, with a detail of sheer and baroque, a white Chanel bag, perfect for the outfit, inspired by Louis Vuitton heels, silver accessories to match the rest of the outfit, a white fur (fake obviously) and an ankle bracelet to monitor my movement as a bad Hollywood Celebrity (Lindsay Lohan inspired) this fabulous accessory created by Jack (Queendetox) an idol for me.

Do you like this outfit
Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post dear readers! See you x Luis 

Was time for a new look!

Okay, was time for a new look in the blog, I did this banner, I hopw you like it! 

Previous banner.

What do you think!? Is my second official graphic.
Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Anthrax Design!

Hello readers, Today I'll show you this fabulous design with Anthrax Logo, made by myself requested from Robin (Doll2005) that fabulous doll inspired by Lady Gaga!

Anthrax Design!

You can find this and other fabulous designs on my bazaar or request it on my guestbook or here in the comments!

What do you think about this design? Comment and share your opinon with us!
Until next post, have a nice Friday! xx Luis

#20 Givenchy

Bizou Collared Roses Jacket; Diesel Abunto and Asit Bracelets; Evil Panda Folk's Boy Sneakers x2; Fuge Fallen Into Florals Slippers; Hot Buys Voyage Big Bag; Kazia's Madonna Design (Name by me); Mr. Purple Rever Pants; Roberto Cavalli Floral Black Blouse.

Time for a men, this is a male outfit, I'm really versatile, I can do EVERYTHING, if I can't I'll do inventate it! OKAY!? I love this shirt, it's so GIVENCHY! I love it! Thank you Kazia! you make me look so WOMAZING! and it's matched perfectly with the Louis Vuitton bag, the shoes are a flatforms converse with a florar detail, simple bracelets complete my look.

What do you think? Do you like Kazia's Design? What do you think about my male doll? 
Share your opinion with us in the comments! 

Until next post dear readers! See you x Luis 

#19 Oscar's Gown

Amyclaire Yellow Maxi Dress; DKNY Two Tone Pumps; Folk Hot Buys Clutch;
Limited Edition Crystal Strands Bracelet and Yellow Top.

A very chic outfit, wearing a long perfect contrast gown, with sheer sleeves,  shining jewerly and nude pumps, the make up is subtle and demure, bright colors in the eyes and nude color in the lips! I love the boobs shades! Are perfect for this low neck!

Do you like this outfit? What do you think about the low neck? Comment and share your opinion.
Until the next post, xx Luis

The Stardoll Critics: Party

You are officially invited to attend the opening party of 
"The Stardoll Critics" don't forget to do your best outfit, I'll feature the best here! 
This event is featured by Maggie (Findurlove).

#18 Under the sunights!

Après Ski Sheepskin Collar; Bizou Ivory Twig Headband; Fudge Vintage Hot Buys Dress; IT GIRLS Faux Fur Summer Coat, Hot Buys Citron Rubber Booties; PPQ Gold Bucket Bag; Versus Versace Tribute Yellow Collared Top.

Another old outfit, I am posting the outfits I have in archive. A very casual outfit, fur coat in beige, mixed with the grey printed dress, the booties are modern and informal but very chic, I love the pvc detail and the outfit is complete with the golden bag.

Do you like this outfit? Comment and share your opinion.
Until the next post, xx Luis

#17 Birthday Cake

Antidote Web Necklace (Belt), White Bow Belt; Archive Gathered Pink Skirt; CHANEL Precious Pearl Belt (Necklace); Fudge 60's Heart Brooch (Belt); Killah Hot Bow (Belt); Perfect Day Pearl Veil (Top); Royalty Antoinette Trianon Shoes; Voile Pink Hairbrooch (Belt), Pink Tutu.

The last 19 February, was my birthday, to celebrate in stardoll, I made this outfit inspired by a birthday cake, something very fancy and childish, I loved. The heels are created with the same technique the last outfit (#16 TTT Awards) the interior pannels.

What do you think of my outfit? Comment and give me your opinion.

Until next post, kisses Luis!

A little interview

The last week I gave an interview to Anghara (Angharadbbz) Underneath Stardoll writer, was about my designs, you can read more about it and about me HERE!

Took from Underneath Stardoll.

You can find this designs on my bazaar or request it on my guestbook. 
Do you like some? What's your favorite? 
Comment and give us and opinion. Untill next post.

xx Luis

Look at my interior #1

Birkin Ashley's designs.

Hey readers, today I bring you a snapshot of my last room, a small study/office with many bags! A little piece of heaven! As I mention in my presentation "DON'T TOUCH ME OR I'LL HIT YOU WITH MY HANDBAG" ... you can choose from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Hermès ... Part of the inspiration of creating this room, comes from the fabulous Birkin handbag by Hermès that Ashley (Ashley_Doggett) recreated and gifted to me and I wanted to use it. I then I started to put many handbags grouped into colors and shapes! I'm not very good with interior design, I simply prefer to create simple rooms to expose attire or objects.

I have also captured two more rooms, I've loved and wanted to share with you, the first of Lottie (LadyLottie33); I love the match of black and white, always blend perfectly and this is one reason why I share this room, is really my style, as I am to display outfits, clothes and accessories according to themes or ideas.

Furthermore, several months ago I captured this room, I think when 'THE LOFT' was released, which gave us the opportunity to buy parts of mannequins to make them like us want (THE BEST IDEA), Yildiz (Rojda32) shows us a very excellent job using mannequins, she manages to make a number of unique outfits and poses, really I love this idea, most sets in black with some silver details. Being all so simple, doesn't lose that touch of subtle and elegant. Congratulations to both and thank you for delighting my sight!

What do you think about of Ashley's designs and rooms? What is your favorite? Have you a room that want to share? Comment and give us your opinion.

#16 TTT Awards

CHANEL Silver Pendulum Necklace; Fallen Angel Strappy Sandals; Limited Edition Clear Plastic Clutch, Half Lace Leggings; Monte Carlo Necklace; Nicholas Kirkwood Glass Spikes Necklace; Pet a Porter Black Deep Blazer; Tingeling Micro Spike Stilettos Booties.


On February 16 took place in Dollywood TTT awards, I won Overall Fashion Icon AN EXCLUSIVE AWARD AS CHOSEN BY MDC and Editor's Choice LUIS' KINGDOM, this was my outfit for the "red carpet" out of the ordinary wouldn't want to wear a dress, I wanted something different and show the result of plastic surgery and this beautiful necklace, a suit (jacket and pants) still look elegant, I decided use these heels which I have "made" with some interior design panels, I continue the masculine look, use short hair, matching diamond earrings with diamonds and sapphire necklace, Fendi clutch and diamond ring, to break the monochrome I decided to use blue makeup matching with the sapphires.

What do you think of my outfit? Comment and give me your opinion.

Until next post, kisses Luis!

A Louis Vuitton Moment.

 After the 50% discount at sales, Film Theory said goodbye to most of their floors and released 2 new floors last week, full of high quality clothes (obviously not all of them are),  and especially the bags which are amazing. Good graphic details, I love the mixed environment with the magical train station, birds in cages and 9 3/4 Harry Potter Billboard, the Louis Vuitton A/W 2012 AD Campaign in the train station showed us a little bit of the 60's Fashion, which gives the impression of pure Glamour, which is in the air, the bags are my favorite pieces, but the prices are high and but think it's okay right now since the prices didn't seem a problem for the fashionistas; we spend a lot of stardollars to look good.

 I bought all bags and purses in total of 104 SD. I also bought the black dress and purple top. The suit with holographic patterns, I find it very chic and the leather coat is a must have in any fashionista's wardrobe Did you buy yours? As for the disasters, I think the heels are really ugly! and the valet pal's face is HORRIBLE! and some silhouettes don't fit properly.

What are your favorite pieces? Wich ones do you consider the most horrible?

Doll Opinion...

Pau.Cam.Arena: It's made ​​me a little child, the designs don't fit very well to the body of the doll and are clothes that are difficult to match, I just bought a pair of cropped pants and shoes, because otherwise are something exotic for my doll because I can't imagine how to wear. Louis Vuitton has had a much better season, but as always, Stardoll not design what we need.

JadaJane: I love the latest Film Theory floors they're giving us retro glam many of the clothing pieces remind me of 60's inspired looks and I think the bags are to die for in this recent Film theory collection. Very Mod and I love mod style.

¿Cuál es tú opinión sobre Film Theory? Share it with us in the comments.

From left to right: Eamonn (Fashionngirl.); Gaby (ggaaabbbbyyyyy); Jada (JadaJane2); Thilde (Moonlighthour); Valentina (ValentinaReal).

I have captured random outfits from members that wore items from the new Film Theory.
 Who has the best outfit? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Until the next entry & don't forget to give your feedback!

xx Luis

Co-Edited & Translated by Manolo